Monday, 1 April 2019

Brexit - "Are we there yet?" No, of course we aren't!

My main aim this year was to still be here for Brexit Day - i.e. 29th March. Last Thursday. Well, I made it, but - as you may have noticed - no Brexit. Thank you, Theresa May. I don't have the strength - or, to be honest, the inclination - to follow the current comic...

...shitstorm in detail. That may be why I find the choice facing this abysmal government on 12th April so blindingly obvious. Stewart Jackson expresses it perfectly:

There is now no conceivable way for the government to keep Britain in the EU or to "leave" the EU while remaining subject to its rules and diktats without it resulting in a crushing defeat at the next election. The only way for the Conservatives to retain power and to stop a gang of anti-Semitic communists from taking over is to genuinely leave the EU on 12th April. The government has the power to do this. A failure to do so would represent a betrayal of the Conservative Party, its members, the British electorate as a whole, the country, and democracy. 

What is the fucking problem??? Fear of upsetting people like this?:

It really is time for the worst Prime Minister in British history to listen to one of the very best:

Being the miserable, cowardly, befuddled, political pygmy that she is, Mrs May won't. How very depressing. 

On the basis that I'll happily listen to the Labour MP Kate Hoey on the subject of Brexit, even though she belongs to a party run by economically illiterate Jew-haters who despise this country, I'll also happily listen to Alice Weidel, the co-leader of Germany's AfD, addressing the Bundestag on the same subject:

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  1. Towering intellectual and Brexiteer, Sir Roger Scruton, has been smeared :