Friday, 28 December 2018

BLOG EXCLUSIVE: "People's Poet" Benjamin Zephyr Zodiac has just sent me this heart-rending masterpiece...

"Lines on the Blog" by Benjamin Zephyr Zodiac

Some things even Ja cannot fe to explain
Like de madness of Christopher Huhne in de outside lane
As him rocket like de devil wid a stomach pain
Treatin’ de speedin’ camera wid’ liberal disdain
An’ let him woman fe to tekk de blame
An’ points
An’ t’ing...

Just as de swallows migrate every season
In perfect foreclosure defyin’ a fillosiphic..pholisiph...
Or any other reason
From which pattern if dem fe to break away
Some would say
“Ornithological treason
An’ bird-life malfeasin’
Raas Claat!”
But I n’ I would fe to say
Dat dis is just Nature’s way

What really shout agains’ Nature’s reason
Is dis, Bruddas.
Amid all dis wickidness an’ madness
An negative vibration
Across all civilisation
Without causation
In every region
With sins that be legion
Why fate should visit him vengeance on a 6 foot 5 inch, bearded Scotch Norwegian.

Bruddas rise up!
(Once again).
For dis defy all possible explanation
Even if you be smokin’ de herb
From generation to generation 
Without cessation
For cerebral stimulation
Or even if you be contemplating the unlikely outcome of peace among all nations.

Ja, Haile Rastafari
In whose presence dis humble penitent bow, low from high
Explain it me why?
Of all we sinners you could instead have gwan to choose
Which curse, smoke and inhale substance
An’ me brudda’s home-distilled booze
An’ thereby put we necks in the Devil’s noose
An light de fuse
Of your righteous ire?

Me hear a Gospel choir
Fe to sing
“Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done”

As soulful as Sam, Otis, Bob, n’ Wilson Pickett
But instead Abraham did choose de goat in the thicket
And thus de devil has the winning ticket.
An him say 
“Me gwan shank you oop big time, son”.
And half the seed of Chiswick
One by one.

An t’ing.


(Editor's note: Many, many thanks, Benji, old friend. This - for all sorts of reasons - made me cry. But then, I tend to weep uncontrollably whenever I read one of your glorious poems. I expect it will have a similar effect on many others. )