Friday, 2 November 2018

I always knew our son should be doing art history documentaries for BBC4!

Until this morning, when my son emailed me the link, I didn't know the 2012 YouTube video, A Brief Guide to Futurist Art and Futurism - which he made and posted under a pseudonym after finishing his A-levels and before heading for university - existed. And I'd probably still be unaware of it had my son not recently discovered, to his utter astonishment , that it has been watched over 66,000 times!
Look, I know I'm his dad and everything...

...but, Lord, I'm impressed! Even if I wasn't his dad, I think I'd be pretty impressed.

The boy is now a man, and he earns his living in a very different field, but I expect that if the BBC were to approach him with a decent offer, he might consider knocking off a few ground-breaking art history series for them in his spare time (not that he has much of that, mind you).

A belated but heartfelt well done, Alex!


  1. What an amazing achievement at that age! I am now a little nearer to understanding cubism. Congratulations to him.

  2. Very informative thank you. Why just the BBC, Alex could do a good job for private companies or individuals. Assuming he has the time.

  3. First class.
    He is a loss to the world of art criticism.