Saturday, 24 November 2018

Best cartoon of the week? BOB in the Telegraph:

With a special mention for this one:

In case anyone was wondering why London has turned into an appallingly violent, criminal hell-hole in recent years, it's partly because those whose job it is to keep us safe prefer to expend their energies on trendy left-liberal obsessions: 

Listen, love, I don't care what gender or colour police officers are, or what religion they follow - like most Londoners, I'd just like to see one or two of them patrolling our streets for a change! Mind you there's one good thing to be said for the Mayor of London's latest noisy, irrelevant, silly, Nanny State initiative:
Let's face it, the faster children in London can run, the less chance there is of them being stabbed to death!

Finally, many thanks to everyone who sent me birthday greetings - and a special thank you to the person who gave me this splendid titfer. I can only assume they want to make absolutely sure I don't reach 67!:

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