Monday, 22 October 2018

Don't these identity politics pillocks realise how mad they sound?

Let's hope Tyler Cowen, writing for Bloomberg, is right...

...and that conservatives can neutralise the New Left in much the same way that a cat owner can distract a kitten with a ball of string. The most obvious recent examples of this happening in the US were the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and the debunking of Senator Elizabeth Warren's lies regarding her Native American heritage, both of which appear to have boosted the Republicans' chances of avoiding unduly heavy losses in the upcoming mid-term elections, and also appear to have boosted President Trump's approval ratings to the point where he is polling higher than Barack Obama at the same point in the latter's first term in office. 

What really saddened me was the reporting of both issues by the BBC and the Daily Telegraph, who, bizarrely, both gave credence to the totally unsupported fantasies peddled by the American Left regarding Brett Kavanaugh's alleged heavy drinking and sexually predatory behaviour  at college. Desspite the absence of a single shred of evidence, or a scrap of proof, or an iota of corroborating testimony, both these news outlets managed to make it sound as if there was genuine doubt as to Kavanaugh's innocence! And on the day Senator Elizabeth "Fauxahontas" Warren published the DNA evidence regarding her Red Indian ancestry (which showed that she had less Indian blood than the average American, and that it was at least six generations back), both suggested that Donald Trump was in trouble for having questioned her claims in the first place! Neither "news" outlet thought to question Warren's assertion that her Mom and Dad had faced difficulty getting married because of the prejudice against her Red Indian mother! Kavanaugh's accusers played the MeToo card and lied through their teeth. Senator Warren has been playing the Identity Politics card at least since her time at Harvard - and has been shown to have been, at best, delusional, and, at worst, deliberately emndacious. And yet Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump have questions to answer?

Either this woman is lying, or her son is an obnoxious little creep:

Mind you, comedian Lee Hurst had a similar experience:

Meanwhile, the Great Transgender Hoax continues:

As does the Great Hate Crime Hoax:

Of course, genuine crime evidently does have a place in London, and the Mayor has decided to take a maximum-tolerance approach to it. I wonder if Stabbing, Raping, Mugging and Robbing all count as "Other"?:

There was some cretinous bullshit about whether handsome princes should be encouraged to awaken sleeping princesses by kissing them WITHOUT CONSENT! Amnesty International - which, at some point in the long-distant past, was a serious organisation with serious aims - was in no doubt where it stood on this burning issue:

Let's imagine that a toxically masculine man happens upon a woman who needs help, but that in order to help her he would have to lay hands or lips on her - without her consent, because she's unconscious or in too much pain to speak or delirious. According to Amnesty International, he should just move along and abandon her to her fate in order to avoid being accused of inappropriate behaviour - to which there is only one reasonable response: 

If that sounds like an unreasonable interpretation of Amnesty's position, just remember that thousands of young girls have been subjected to appalling sexual abuse by Pakistani-origin rape gangs in `a large number of English cities over the course of many years because the authorities were scared to intervene in case they were accused of racism. Even now, PC wankers tend to have a fit of the vapours when anyone points out the racial origins of the vast majority of the membership of these rape gangs:

I've saved the worst till last - yes, it's Brexit!

Labour MP David Lammy (yes, him again) was in no doubt how incredibly significant Saturday's Losers' March was:

Despite knowing how elections work, this fool doesn't seem to understand that there's a difference between attending a protest march and voting in a national referendum: in which bizarre universe does a bunch of middle class people having a jolly outing on a lovely sunny day in London trump 17.4 million Britons voting to leave the European Union in a referendum? The BBC Today presenter Nick Robinson made a similar error in this tweet:
I didn't approve of the anti-Iraq War protest, but it was far more significant because the British people were never asked to vote to go to war, whereas they were asked to vote on whether they wished to leave the EU. Are the members of what passes for the British intelligentsia these days becoming more stupid, or have they always had such a shaky grasp of logic? Mind you, I'm pretty sure whoever produced this jaw-droppingly ignorant sign has never read a book in their lives:
... presumably because Hitler was so supportive of countries seeking independence from a European superstate controlled by and for Germany?

To what extent those who took part in Saturday's stroll represented "the people" is, 
of course, open to debate (not that they like to debate - they're keener on shouty-crackers moral posturing):

As for endless headlines and speculation regarding an imminent revolt by Tory Brexiteer MPs inside and outside the cabinet...

...well, I'm getting pretty damned tired of these dithering do-nothings. No more articles in the Telegraph or the Spectator, no more unattributable briefings to journalists, no more pish about loyally supporting Mrs May while being worried about the direction the Brexit negotiations have taken, no more hints, rumours, nudges, winks or gnomic utterances. Stop fannying around...

... and Just Fucking Get On With It! 

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