Friday, 13 July 2018

Blimey! I've known people bigger than the Trump baby balloon!

It's that tiny orange thing in the...

...centre of the picture, apparently. From the way our media have been banging on about it relentlessly for days, I was expecting something of this magnitude:
Not this (if you have trouble spotting it, it's in the bottom right-hand corner):
Not exactly, "I am London - hear me roar!", is it?

I watched some of the Trump coverage on the BBC and Sky News yesterday, but I had to keep switching over for this very reason:

But the Blenheim Palace reception was beautifully staged: 
That's more like it!


  1. The balloon seems to have had the same impact as the appearance of the mini-megalith of "Stonehenge" in "Spinal Tap". Did some dancing dwarves knock it over?

    1. I hear Diane Abbott ordered it and got her feet and inches mixed up.

  2. I'd expected very little from the BBC this weekend but they exceeded their worst quite effortlessly. Drooling coverage of middle aged, middle class Scots reliving their student days, counterbalanced by complete silence over the pro-Trump/Tommy Robinson rally in London. And they can lie all they like when the complaints roll in. I watched some of the live coverage of the event on YouTube. It was very well attended and by any standards a significant news story, which the Corporation has deliberately suppressed.

    It really is time Broadcasting House was torn down. I don't much care if they evacuate it first.

    1. Be fair, GCooper - you can hardly expect a British news organisation to report a march attended by people they don't agree with! They've got their standards, you know. (I don't know if you ever watch Sky News, but it's now marching in lock-step with Big Brother. Thank God for the political impartiality rule!)

    2. I used to watch Sky News but its Leftward drift (headlong rush?) became so blatant that I abandoned it a couple of years ago. Actually, the same is true of broadcast news from the BBC. I scan the headlines on the BBC's fake news website and then get the details (sans spin) elsewhere.

      I know how it happened but what I don't understand is why the Left has been allowed to get away with this media hegemony.