Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The astonishing, awe-inspiring courage of Hollywood actor, Ron Perlman

No, Ron, I don't think you ever did. Now, some of you might be inclined to argue...

...that instead of urinating on himself and then waiting until Harvey Weinstein could no longer threaten his career before going public with this hilarious anecdote, Ron "Hellboy" Perlman might more usefully have refused to shake Weinstein's hand in public - and told the mogul why he was unwilling to do so at the time - or he might even have gone to the media with what he knew about the mogul's alleged activities (not, of course, that they'd have had the balls to print it).

To be honest, I don't really blame Perlman for doing neither of these things. One assumes it would have meant the end of his acting career, and many considerably more eminent stars who were much closer to Weinstein than Perlman and wielded a lot more clout,  should have had the guts to do that (Meryl and Oprah for starters). But Perlman bragging about such a childish, petty, meaningless act now, when Weinstein's career has already been destroyed, come what may, strikes me as particularly pathetic - as pathetic, in fact, as shouting "Fuck Trump!" at an audience that you know is going to praise you for it, and safe in the knowledge that you won't pay any price for doing so.

What little people these virtue-signalling Hollywood pipsqueaks are.

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