Sunday, 24 June 2018

God, I love this country! (h/t: Ricardo Autobahn)

Not only Wilson, Keppel and Tracy, but also...


  1. Wilson, Keppel and.... No reason why Tracy couldn't have been another Betty; I believe they had several during their career.
    They were one of the delights of my pantomime-going childhood. Another was Clarkson Rose as Dame; in my view no-one could better him, but I admit I never saw Douglas Byng. Then there was The Wall routine with Jewell and Warriss. Happy days!

    1. I remember Jimmy Jewel well - he even played a homicidal clown in an episode of The Avengers and went on to star in a sitcom with Hylda Baker in '70s.

      I'd never heard of Rose or Byng, but there are several clips of both on YouTube, including the following one from 1982, in which Douglas Byng is interviewed about being a pantomime dame: