Friday, 8 June 2018

An apology to recent commenters! Normal(ish) service has been resumed.

There I was, feeling a bit Billy-No-Mates because no one was posting any comments on this blog, only to discover that there's currently a problem with Google's Blogger platform - namely that some bloggers haven't been receiving the email notification that tell them a new comment has been posted. New comments have been appearing in my admin section - but I rarely visit it, relying entirely on email alerts since I started "moderating" comments last year in order to prevent crazed racists and hysterical SJW troublemakers from regularly leaving malodorous little piles of excrement on the site...

...I have thought about removing the comments filter, but (a) why should I provide a platform for "the amusement of morons" (which some of you might recognise as a quote from that excellent Don Siegel film, Charley Varrick), and (b) having to start each day wiping up noxious messes left by spittle-flecked fanatics is a waste of my somewhat limited reserves of energy.

I'm sorry that some of you have suffered the annoyance of bothering to make a comment, only for it to apparently disappear forever into digital oblivion, when it was, in fact, just "resting in my account". And I apologise for taking so long to realise there was a problem - but I was on my hols!

One aspect of this blog which puzzles me is that the number of page views actually increases if I don't post anything for a few days. Hurtful, I call it.


  1. Regarding your last paragraph, I think it's the uncertainty principal at work. People want to know what's happened either to you or their comments. It's a bit like the punter who wants to know the lottery results. He'll revisit the site again and again until he gets the answer.
    This may be a good future ploy!

    1. That might work if I carried advertising - but I'm more interested in not pissing off visitors. Talking of which, an email I received from a regular commenter today made me realise I've been looking in the wrong place for newly posted comments - which is why none have appeared during the past week. Yet more apologies - I'm reminded of that old Private Eye headline, "New Technology Baffles Pissed Old Hack". I'm back on the case, and as alert as a hungry panther. And who knows? - Google might actually sort out the problem one of these days.