Friday, 18 May 2018

The Question Time audience is awed by Diane Abbott's intellect and articulacy

As for that outfit...


  1. A Chocolate Soldier, perhaps, from a third rate operetta? Careful, she might dust off that trouser suit of loud B/W check which makes her look like a Grand Prix flag [you published a picture of it recently]. What a vulgar, ghastly woman." Even worse than the Duchess of Pork, if that is not too insulting?

  2. Worse, I feel ever so sorry for her. We all know where's she coming from and ironically she is saying what many people probably think IS behind a lot of these slayings - it's just no one said it on QT and consequently it didn't need to be refuted by Ms Abbott.

    1. What's frightening is her complete lack of mental agility. You'd think someone who'd been involved in politics as long as she has would know when to draw back from the brink of absolute humiliation - instead, she just keeps lumbering along in the same direction, and repeats the asinine lie that had the audience laughing at her in the first place. She's hardly the first intellectually-challenged frontbencher to make a complete fool of herself in public, but she's the first one who seems totally incapable of understanding what other people are saying. And she came within a whisker of taking charge of the Home Office!