Tuesday, 22 May 2018

That wedding, terrorist invaders, useful idiots, Venezuela, Bercow and lots, lots more...

As Yasmin Alibhai-Brown was born in Uganda, and describes herself as "part-Pakistani", and as she doesn't appear to be all that keen on white people, it's rather surprising...

...that she doesn't simply leave this "infantilised, escapist nation" and move to a proper, grown-up, reality-loving country such as Pakistan or Uganda:
I'm sure that, like me, you welcomed the news that the Venezuelan people had enthusiastically re-elected their astonishingly competent socialist president Nicolas Maduro:
Which leads me on to this:
Donald Trump called members of the largely Hispanic M-13 criminal gang "animals", and America's liberal media lied en masse by pretending he had been referring to all immigrants. It's what American leftists do:
Similarly, when over 50 members of Hammas - the terrorist organisation dedicated to murdering Jews and destroying Israel - were killed attempting to force their way into Israel, the useful idiots of the American Left were outraged:
Uninformed and demented? Pot and kettle? Remember, everyone - when a gang of terrorists tries to invade your country, they're actually holding a peaceful protest.:
Although I have absolutely no idea why a Conservative MP for a Lincolnshire constituency should feel the need to comment on events in the Middle East, at least Nick Boles was good enough to apologise for getting it wrong:
Speaking of Tories, I wonder who Ruth Davidson could possibly be referring to here?:
A dour, joyless Tory? No, beats me. Sticking with Tories (or, rather, pseudo-Tories), it was good to see The Sun backing that lovely man John Bercow in his hour of need: 

Here's a fascinating coincidence I'd previously been unaware of: 
Can anyone guess which Labour politician Nick's talking about?
Take a bow, Shadow Education Secretary, Angela Rayner! Which, when you think about it, makes sense, because I burst out laughing whenever she opens her mouth. 

Veteran leftie Channel 4 News presenter Jon "Fuck the Tories" Snow announced he was taking a 25% gender-equality pay-cut this week (although I'm guessing that still leave him trousering something well in excess of half a mill per annum). Julia Hartley-Brewer was unimpressed:
Speaking of whingeing feministas, I can feel a cat-fight coming on:
No - not a clue! I was trying not to mention Brexit - but I can't resist:
Best story of the week? This one:
You can read the whole story here - but here's a taste: 
A woman who saved herself by karate-kicking two men who followed her home from a nightclub has said she feels ‘complete relief’ after the pair were jailed. Kelly Soutar, 29, told a court how Shehab Smekramuddin and Mohammad Islam, had followed her from a Forfar club towards her home in Angus, Scotland, before attacking her.
Kelly, who has a brown belt in karate, said her self-defence training kicked in allowing her to fight her attackers. During a trial at Dundee Sheriff Court, prosecutor Eilidh Robertson told a jury: ‘She admitted she punched one of the men – kicked him in the balls in her words.’ A sheriff jailed the pair, who were both found to be illegal immigrants, for three years each – and they now face deportation to their native Bangladesh when their sentences expire.
I had originally ended this post with a truly hilarious video parody of Reverend Michael Curry's ghastly "sermon" during Saturday's otherwise wonderful royal wedding ceremony - you know, the one about the Power of Luuuuurrrvvvv and setting fire to your iPad (or something). But Twitter has subsequently suspended the tweeter's account, presumably not for disrespecting a man of the cloth preaching the word of the Lord (they'd have no problem with that), but for disrespecting a black man of the cloth ranting on nonsensically about sex and social justice and promising Heaven on Earth - something which Jesus, of course, didn't do. Who came up with the idea of despoiling this great occasion by inviting a limelight merchant to hijack it? Step forward, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. Inevitably.

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