Saturday, 12 May 2018

Sadiq Khan's burger wars, heatwave-induced violence, Fergie, integration, Druids - and America's disloyal mainstream media

For those interested in Scottish dialects, here's...

...Sir Alex Ferguson with the sign that hung on his office wall at Manchester United:
Sadiq Khan has proved himself utterly useless dealing with muggings, stabbings, shootings, rapes and burglaries...but when it comes to cracking down on junk food, he turns into an absolute tiger. Not everyone has been impressed:
As for the suggestion that our two recent mini-heatwaves could account for spiralling knife-crime...
I suspect that the real cause of the upsurge in violence is down to the provocative behaviour of druids:
Okay, stabbing seems a bit excessive - but that horn might have come in handy. 

Presumably the only people who still watch Question Time these days are urban left-liberals desperately trying to convince themselves that - despite all the evidence to the contrary - they won the Brexit referendum:
As for their belief that unenlightened Britons are somehow out of sync with other Europeans, who, not being fear-mongering, racist xenophobes, are utterly relaxed about mass immigration and the cultural enrichment it has brought with it:
Shome mishtake shurely! Mind you, here's some heartening proof that - here and there - integration is definitely working:
I'll end with a tweet from a CNN reporter which seems to confirm that those who work for America's left-wing mainstream media hate their own country and support those who wish to destroy it:
Given the behaviour of Donald Trump's myriad enemies, even the bitterest Republican Never Trumper must be finding it hard not to warm to their President.

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