Monday, 28 May 2018

I think we now have a definitive answer to that particular question...

I didn't watch the Champions League final...

...mainly because I couldn't face the thought of Real Madrid winning three on the trot (I view them much as I do Rafael Nadal), and I was sure they'd win 2-1, and that both their goals would be scored by that preening creep, Ronaldo. I checked the BBC text feed once or twice during the first half in case there was any chance of Liverpool defying logic, and finally took the plunge and revved up BT Sport's free YouTube feed of the match early in the second half. Ten seconds before the greatest goalkeeping error in Champions League history. I instantly switched the iPad off, just in case my switching it on had had some weird butterfly-flaps-its-wings-in-the-Sahara effect on the game.

I'm very much not a Liverpool fan, I know that many second-rate footballers are ludicrously well-rewarded for not really being much good, and I'll admit to braying with laughter at Loris Karius's astonishing ineptness when I watched replays of the incident later. But, still, one can't help feeling a bit sorry for the chap. We all get it wrong at work, but most of us don't do it in front of an audience of 180 million people - which will rise to billions over the years - and most of us don't have to spend the rest of our lives living down the reputation of being the moron who did that!

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