Thursday, 3 May 2018

Sajid Javid, Marx, obesity, masculinity and John Bercow - a collection of moans, whines and chortles...

Proof that mental illness is now a serious problemat the New York Times:
100,000,000 men, women and children might have disagreed with that sentiment, if they hadn't been killed by Communism in the 20th Century...

...Meanwhile, Corbyn-supporting Labour frontbencher Richard "Comical Ali" Burgon - whose uncle was a Labour MP, and who attended Oxford University (where he evidently learned sod all) - got into a frightful tizz about the appointment as Home Secretary of some ghastly little working class Asian oik whose parents were both (shudder) immigrants, and who actually gave up an extremely lucrative career in the private sector in order to enter politics:
Which gives me an excuse to repost this tweet:
While Javid's decision to back Remain in order to keep his political career on track made me very angry at the time (he's evidently a Brexiteer at heart), his recent elevation by Theresa May seems to have proved crucial in last night's scuppering of her deluded plan to opt for a "customs partnership" with the EU - i.e. "Brexit Doesn't Really Mean Brexit". We should all thank Labour for forcing Amber Rudd from office, as she would have voted for May's suicidally idiotic plan.

I'd be grateful if someone could explain  to me why it's now the job of schools - rather than parents - to monitor children's weight, and what obesity has to do with Ofsted:
There's even talk of banning fast food outlets near schools. Compulsory sport seems to have gone out of fashion in state schools. Bring it back (and I speak as someone who was a chubster at school, and useless at sport), and if a child is so abnormally fat it keep breaking the chairs, report it to the relevant authorities, and let them decide whether to charge its parents with neglect. Meanwhile, let schools concentrate on teaching the little wretches something mentally nourishing.

I recently reviewed Professor Jordan Peterson's book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, in which he rails against the current assault by cultural Marxists on the concept of masculinity. Here's what young men are up against:
FFS. Mind you, America's New Leftists often gives the impression of being even more mentally unbalanced than they are here (and that's really saying something!): 
Evidently barking. Something tells me Virginia might not have been amused by this Richard Delingpole tweet:
Allegations of temper tantrums and bullying of staff by the Speaker of the House of Commons seem rather far-fetched. He's always struck me as a really pleasant, humble, trustworthy sort of chap - not at all the vile, puffed-up, ill-mannered, egomaniacal, virtue-signalling little tit nursing a Napoleon complex his enemies would have us believe him to be:
I don't know why this Manchester United football chant made me laugh - but it did:
As did this:
And this:
Let's face it, on the day Labour-supporting, EU-loving London goes to the polls, we all need a laugh!

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