Tuesday, 1 May 2018

40% of British voters are willing to see Diane Abbott become Home Secretary? That's terrifying!

Never fear - a host of Labour-supporting commenters knew...

...exactly what Piers Morgan was up to here: he was being (cue drum roll!)... RACIST!

Personally, I think he should be reprimanded for being dumbist, thickist, incompetentist, foolist, moronist, dunderheadist, idiotist, ignorantist, cluelessist and ignorantist. 

How is it even remotely possible for a politician bidding to hold one of the great offices of state to be so utterly, totally and completely unprepared to answer the exact question which any vaguely sentient adult could have told her she was going to be asked - i.e. what would a Labour government do? Given that every prominent member of the shadow cabinet invariably responds to enquiries regarding Labour policy as if they're astonished - nay, outraged - to have been asked such an unfair, impertinent and irrelevant question, they presumably haven't yet grasped the fact that running the country might just possibly require more than flatulent, fact-free, virtue-signalling waffle. 

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