Friday, 6 April 2018

Weird hair, awkward families, naked Nazi nymphos, numeracy issues - and the Applehead Doll Killer

Worst Male Hairstyle Ever?:
Worst Female Hairstyle Ever?:

Worst Two Hairstyles on the Same Head Ever?
Mind you, there's some pretty stiff competition in each category:
A great start in life:
And then he woke up screaming, covered in sweat:
An engagement photo to show the grandkids:
I don't know about you, but I'm sensing a bit of a backstory here:
I don't blame you, son:
Let's hope it was just a phase:
I like a bit of a tan myself, but...really?:
A man who'll be in need of a new set of underwear quite soon:
Not so much respect!:
That's my weekend reading sorted out:
I wonder if you can get these sunglasses at Boots?:
Scrub that - this is what I'll be reading:
Probably all those burritos, chaps:
Actually, I'd really rather not:
I'm pretty sure that makes five:
Do you honestly not know what the word "four" means?:
That's it - I give up:
As he searched the living room, Detective Yablonsky heard a tiny, distant voice cry, "Help us!" He wheeled round, gun drawn - and his gaze instantly fell upon a group of gaudily-dressed figurines, neatly arranged on top of a small table in the far corner of the room. There were five of them. And five people were missing. "Dear God!" he whispered... 
Finally, this one's sure have you tappin' yer feet and whistlin' a happy tune in no time:

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  1. An impressive collection. Diane Arbus would be proud.