Thursday, 19 April 2018

Sanctimonious busybodies, everybody's Hitler, sweary Labourites and homeless Thatcherites

Ah! Shame! Speaking of hectoring buysbodies...

Q. If Waitrose is so keen to parade it's Health Nazi credentials, why doesn't it stop selling what it considers to be "junk food" altogether?  
A. Because customers like me who mainly use its stores for naughty, unhealthy, highly calorific, artery-clogging treats would go elsewhere. So ditch the meaningless demonstrations of piety. 

And could our public sector institutions please stop infantilising us by sending out messages evidently targetted at five-year olds and the educationally subnormal?
What about reminding us not to wear thermal underwear, sweaters and overcoats in hot weather? 

Net UK immigration is currently running at 250,000 a year, which obviously isn't enough for former civil service panjandrums: 
Which prompted this tweet from Lee Hurst: 
The Spectator has revealed the secret to the Tories' uncanny knack of devising brilliant, achievable  policies - rigorous planning and Cabinet consensus: 
Explains a lot.

The news that German medical hero Hans Asperger was in reality a raving Nazi drew this observation from Lee Hurst (again - he must like the heat):
There can be very few people who would argue with former Labour minister Michael Dugher's description of Owen Jones:
Just as I'm sure there aren't many Thatcherite Tories who would argue with the Sunday Telegraph editor Allister Heath's contention that it isn't only Blairites who feel they no longer have a natural political home:
Given the evidently dire standard of Britain's MPs - all that malign compassion and crazed virtue-signalling and not understanding economics or how business works and wanting to interfere with every minor and major aspect of our lives - I've always been in favour of retaining the House of Lords. But now that it's almost entirely composed of whey-faced, centrist, anti-democratic political appointees who evidently view the British people as an irrational mob of sociopathic racists, I'm beginning to wonder:
As the temperature has now reached 80°F, (four layers of clothing to a flimsy T-shirt in the blink of an eye), it's officially far too hot for politics, so I will desist. 

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