Saturday, 7 April 2018

Khan fiddles while Londoners die, Lammy should have gone to SpecSavers... and Blair begs Germany to invade Britain

This was the chilling headline in the Daily Mail:
Thank God their military's a joke and they don't have nuclear weapons! Meanwhile, Labour MP David Lammy thinks Labour's racism doesn't only apply to Jews:

But I suspect his career has actually been stymied by the fact that, even judged by the dismal standards of the current Labour frontbench, he really isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer:
Lammy's fellow-Labourite, London's mayor and crime commissioner Sadiq Khan has finally responded to to calls to do something about the spectacular rise in knife killings (and every other crime you care to name) on his "watch":
Not quite what the ghastly little twerp promised in his election manifesto:
Well, all that "tougher community payback" certainly seems to have done the trick, Sadders! Or it might have done if the capital's race-huckster-in-chief hadn't so enthusiastically supported Theresa May's deranged policy of discouraging the police from deploying one of their most effective weapons against knife-crime:
...which helps explain why we Londoners are now celebrating the fact that our city can lay claim to a higher homicide rate than New York. God, that makes me feel proud!

Maybe it's not particularly surprising - given that our politicians seem to expend all their energy advertising their cosmic levels of compassion, their deep commitment to "social justice', and their extraordinary all-round egalitarian niceness - that so many of their policies seem designed to cause as much harm as possible to the people they rule over: they're probably too exhausted to think, and most of them give the impression that they are, in any case, too damned stupid to think. 

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