Friday, 2 March 2018

Virtue-signallers, traitors, racists, politicians without balls, wisdom...and some snow-related japery

Nothing to See Here is a new BBC One crime drama series...

...featuring Detective Inspector Hippo and Detective Sergeant Critt, two gobby, clueless, all-nonsense female cops with dodgy reputations tasked with heading up the Met's new Hate Crime Task Force. In the first episode, "See No Evil", they investigate two prominent Labour politicians, one of whom is suspected of regularly making racist remarks about whites, the other of deliberately turning a blind to vicious anti-Semites in her own party. Will Hippo and Critt bring the miscreants to justice? Will they f...

In the second episode, "What's Wrong with That?"the two cops will not only exonerate this tweeter - they'll elect him Chairman of the Labour Party:

Meanwhile, this next headline appeared in yesterday's New York Post - as well as on the (Russian) RT site, and in the Telegraph, the Mail, and the Times. But, mysteriously, the story has yet to make an appearance on the BBC website, or in the Guardian, the Mirror or the Independent:
No matter how embarrassing you may find Britain's political leaders, just thank God you're not Canadian:

The most jaw-droppingly insensitive, hateful tweet of the week came from a reliable source:
I just don't know how Brexiteers have the gall to describe Remainiacs as traitors! A point made by Foreign office minister, Alisair Burt, 
Wasn't one of those friends the Prime Minister who called the Eurosceptics in his own party "bastards"? Anyway, Alastair, whatever  'service" your "friends" may have given the country in the past, they now seem hell-bent on overturning the result of a referendum in which the British people made their view plain - and, if they can't halt democracy in its tracks, they seem determined to destroy Britain's chances of negotiating a good Brexit deal by giving their unstinting support to an unelected foreign organisation which is doing its level best to punish and humiliate the very country to which they've supposedly given "such service". Seems to me that what's dividing this country is the continuing refusal of your mates to bow to the democratically-expressed will of the people - which appears to be strengthening:
Me, I'm with this bloke:
And, of course, with this one - 
As for John Major, I fully support what he said just before the referendum:
And I absolutely despise this pack of - yes - despicable traitors:
As for this next tweet from the Times, I wondered whether (a) the journalist should have gone to SpecSavers, or (b) it referred to all deaths since the NHS was formed. But no, it's 22,300 deaths a year:
Imagine how many of us the NHS would kill if it wasn't the envy of the world?

Private Eye isn't worth reading these days - hasn't been for years - but occasionally, it still manages to hit the spot:
Here's some good advice for parents:
This statue of a gorilla was removed from a playground in Corsicana , Texas after some people accused it of being "racist" - which strikes me as a bit racist. No, I'm not making this up - you can read the story here
The best online news headline of the past week goes to the Mail:
Here's the best snow-related joke of the week:
And this, apparently, is what two feet of snow looks like:


  1. Scott, do any of your readers detect a Scandinavian element to those feet?

    1. Well, they're roughly the same size as mine - I used to fit into size 11s, but now require wide-fitting size 13s (or 12 1/2, depending on the make). I'm not sure if that's a Scandinavian trait or not - I was once told that my best bet was to try shoe shops frequented by blacks, as they tend to have wider feet. No idea if that's true or not. I've bought all my shoes for the last seven years at a shop in Wadebridge in Cornwall, which probably doesn't have a lot of black customers, but probably does cater to quite a few beefy farmers.

  2. I have been studying the item about "Dobby", the statue of the gorilla in the Texas playground, which has been removed on racist grounds.

    I remember visiting Guy the Gorilla at Regent Park Zoo as a boy and then later his magnificent statue [the old boy had a massive heart attack in 1978 having his wisdom teeth out and expired at age 33].

    Once Sadiq Khan is no longer pre-occupied with the campaign to re-name Latimer Tube Station after Grenfell Towers he will probably order Guy's removal in sympathy with the Texas lunatics. [Note: al Fayed's statue of Michael Jackson has been removed from outside Fulham FC and is looking for a new home].

    Time to enlist the help of the great Sir Ian Botham and stop this nonsense in its tracks. I wonder what the Latin is for " The price of freedom is eternal vigilance"? Helen, please?

    1. Ouch, SDG - English into Latin is hitting below the belt! As you will all have realised, I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I have had a go:
      "Pretium libertatis vigilantia aeterna est."
      Another common version of the saying is: "The price of peace...", in which case it would be "Pretium pacis..."
      (But don't let this anywhere near Mary Beard in case I have got something wrong!)

    2. Maria Barbus not having a good few weeks just now. Have asked her occasional pupil my No.2 daughter for translation help.

    3. Helen. Thank you for your helpful reply. Much appreciated. Now I have to find an opportunity to use them!

  3. Justin Trudeau. I am reminded of poor Denis Thatcher and his unravelling pink turban in India. The film clip of Trudeau is priceless. His mother Margaret was a forerunner of Fergie, the Duchess of York, so he can be partially excused.

    Why don't the British reciprocate and make visiting dignitaries from the East dress up as Pearly Kings and Queens or Morris Dancers?

    1. God knows what Trudeau would do if he were to visit one of the rainforest tribes who tend to wander around in the buff - or Brighton's nudist beaches, come to that. Let's just hope there aren't any cameras around, and that he hasn't dragged his poor family along.

      As for visiting dignitaries, why not go the whole hog and ask them to wear the new British national costume - some variant of the hoodie, track suit bottoms and trainers combination which is so prevalent amongst the denizens of this country's lovely pedestrianised shopping precincts? Perhaps the government could start by suggesting EU dignitaries show respect by adopting this costume whenever they visit these shores. Stick a can of Special Brew in Juncker's hand and I'm sure he'd feel right at home!