Monday, 19 March 2018

This woman is the Shadow Secretary of State for Education. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  1. I do like the way Neil is trying to trap her into saying she would raise the corporation tax rate, so that he can spring on her the fact that yield has increased as the rate has decreased...but Rayner is too stupid to even engage beyond her bumper sticker talking points.

    She is also incorrect (or deliberately misleading) about her local councils. InTameside and Oldham the cuts are not 50%, the number is between 7 and 11%.

    It's a dangerous that she doesn't know what she doesn't know.

    1. We really are in "fart and chew gum at the same time" territory.

  2. Mine's a blank, Scott. Please give a hint!

  3. If we were to transcribe her words, the only punctuation would be exclamation marks.

  4. She is a motormouth. A bully. She makes no attempt to listen to anyone but just puts out a continuous barrage of words which are meaningless because nobody can hear them as she talks through everyone else. That's just how I see a Corbyn-led party anyway. They don't intend to listen.