Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The "Political Meme of the Week" award goes to...

Honestly, how unfair! Haven't they heard Jeremy Corbyn assure us time and again that he "condemns all forms of racism" - just as he...

...condemns "all forms of violence". What else does he have to do to convince us that he isn't an anti-Semite, didn't support the IRA and doesn't support Islamist terrorists? Apart from acting as if he meant it, of course - that would be asking too much. Mind you, there are things to be said in his favour - according to his supporters:
"In closing, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I would urge you - when you come to decide whether my client, Dr Harold Shipman, is innocent or guilty of the heinous charges laid against him - that you take into consideration the crucial fact that he collects Toby Jugs in his spare time. I rest my case."

I'm not sure Saint Chris of Mullins's attempt to portray Steptoe as the victim of Jewish bullies will have done much to burnish either his or Corbyn's reputations: 
Those vicious Jews! Will nobody protect the Ancient Marrowner from their thuggery? Evidently not the Jewish journalist and former Labour supporter, Nick Cohen, who makes a good point: 
And not, apparently, the Labour MP for Streatham:
And certainly not the Labour MP for Ilford North who, in the wake of Owen Smith's expulsion from the shadow cabinet for calling for a second referendum, had this to say:
The acid test for those Labour MPs currently putting the boot into the Dear Leader will come at the next general election, when they'll have to decide whether to act in the interests of their party or their country. With Corbyn in charge, I don't see how they could possibly stand as Labour candidates. Whatever damage they imagine the current Conservative government is doing to the country is as nothing compared to the appalling injuries they know - with utter certainty - that Corbyn (and McDonnell and Abbott) will inflict on Britain.

Let's leave moderate Labour MPs to wrestle with that decision, and turn our attention to the rant of the week - possibly the rant of the year:
STFU FFS and FO, indeed. One can also sympathise with Neville Pinkney over this conundrum: 
If that isn't enough to lighten Lee Hurst's mood, I would recommend contemplating the following image (helpfully tweeted by Douglas Carswell this morning) - and having a bloody good laugh:
And if that doesn't do the trick, this might: 
In case you find it hard to believe that the BBC would describe a vile Iraqi psychopath as a "Surrey teenager" - which rather suggests some well-mannered, rosy-cheeked lad who went off the rails after getting in with a gang of local tearaways - here's the proof: 
The BBC is apparently training journalists on how to spot "fake news". That doesn't just mean telling outright lies: it's also the exclusion of all the news that doesn't fit a news organisation's preferred social and political narrative, and the growing - and deeply pernicious - practice of misusing language to distort the public's view of reality. If the BBC is looking for typical examples of both, they should start by trawling their own output.

That's it for this lunchtime. Mind how you go - don't have nightmares:

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