Friday, 23 March 2018

Modern politics is like The Archers - you take a break from it, only to discover that nothing has changed

I'm hoping someone turns this parody cover into an actual book in time for next Christmas - what a brilliant stocking-filler!
After a three-day hiatus...

... - partly the result of pleasure (seeing an old friend), and partly the result of waking up yesterday with an alarmingly swollen tongue (and, no, the two things were not related) - I dipped my toe back into the maelstrom of politics this morning. And immediately wished I hadn't. It's all a bit like The Archers, which I catch snippets of every now and then, because I live with a life-long addict. What strikes the casual listener is that the same people are saying the same things about the same issues, no matter how long the gap since one last tuned in. Politics is currently like that - same people, same things, same issues, same old bollocks. 

I'll start - inevitably - with Brexit. Ever since I set up a defensive wall around the comments section on this blog, the teenage social justice warriors who were starting to irritate me have melted away (to be replaced by endless spam comments which make no sense and aren't even trying to sell anything). The only unwelcome commenter who has persisted is an anti-Semite who evidently views the world through the prism of racial hatred: he is clearly suffering from what Jung called a "complex". I hesitate to suggest that Alastair Campbell - who has shown courage by admitting to mental health problems - is suffering from a complex, but he does appear, increasingly, to view events through the prism of Brexit hatred:
DEFINITELY NOT IS THE ANSWER. Perhaps Ali's real problem is that his own party has been taken over by his loony-left enemies, and the only hope of people like him retaining control of this country is to continue contracting the job out to Blairite EU bureaucrats. I'm not sure whether Vince Cable is in the grip of the same mania which has evidently deranged, for instance, the Labour peer Lord Adonis - or whether the Lib Dem leader just isn't very good at politics:
I suspect part of problem with these Remainiacs is that the nature of the Brexit negotiations - and the way they've been reported - has encouraged them to dream the impossible dream:
True dat. I can't help wondering why these people are so terrified by the prospect of Britain regaining sovereignty - and why they're seemingly able to read something like this text without wanting to smash Jean-Claude Druncker's face in: 
Perhaps the security of "our" continent would be strengthened if the leader of the EU detached his tongue from the sphincter of the man suspected of ordering a chemical weapon attack on the residents of a country which is still (sadly) in the EU. I suspect that the appalling behaviour of Juncker, Barnier and Verhofstadt has done as much to strengthen support for Brexit since the referendum as that of the hordes of EU fifth columnists inside Britain. 

Onto other matters - but the same old lefty mindset:
I wonder if it ever occurs to Hattie Harperson as odd that the party which she routinely attacks as viciously misogynistic - the Tories - has somehow managed to elect two women leaders without any any of this fascistic, divisive, women-only nonsense, while her own party has failed to elect a single female leader... but does have women MPs who seems to agree that white girls who've been raped by Pakistani-origin men should keep their mouths shut in case they upset the "diversity" gravy-train:
Speaking of foot-stamping feminists:
...and controlled, judging by Google and Facebook, by liberal-leftists just like Cathy "So What You're Saying Is" Newman. Perhaps she was in a bad mood because she'd just checked the video of her disastrous C4 News interview with Professor Jordan Peterson on YouTube, and discovered that it had clocked up over eight million views.

Thank God for the police, who seem to spend an awful lot of time posting sinister threats on social media, and who, despite forever moaning about cuts, apparently have sufficient resources to hound an unfunny, self-styled "comedian"  who taught his cat to do a Nazi salute and posted a video of it doing so online:
The winner of the "Pot Calling the Kettle Black" award for this week is:
For those of you who don't regularly access the output of America's mainstream news media, CNN - which has waged an unremitting, increasingly demented, fact-free smear campaign against Donald Trump from the day he announced his intention run for president, is the acknowledged home of Fake News. For Zucker to accuse another news broadcaster of "propaganda" would be as ridiculous as a leading Labour politician accusing the Tories of being misogynistic. 

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