Saturday, 24 February 2018

Corbyn's response to a request to pick his favourite Matt cartoon tells us everything we need to know about today's Labour Party

The country's funniest cartoonist, Matt Pritchett, joined the Daily Telegraph 30 years ago this week. As part of its celebrations, the Telegraph asked political leaders from the past 30 years to choose their favourite Matt cartoon (some had already bought the original drawing of a particular favourite when it was first published). Here was Jeremy Corbyn's response to the request:
What a boring, joyless, petty, mean-spirited bunch of odious little wankers. Here are a few suggestions for Corbyn and his "team":


  1. Bliss, indeed.
    Matt never fails to lift the spirits.
    Worth buying the telegraph for him alone.
    On another matter, I'm in Scotland at the mo and keeping my head down after yesterday's outstanding Calcutta Cup.

    1. Very wise, given Eddie Jones's post-match experiences!

  2. When I played rugby the best school team in Scotland was Fettes.

    Despite the Edinburgh tourist bus drivers' claim that " Here , ladies and gentlemen , is the famous Fettes College, where they take wee Scots laddies and turn them into Englishmen", Gordon Waddell (Lions captain) et al were as Scottish as Speyside.

    Naturally , hoi polloi couldn't differentiate and that did not matter because none of them attended a match. Most Scots know that the proletarian "interest" in rugby is purely political.