Monday, 19 February 2018

Conservative comedian Geoff Norcott on "The Mash Report" - makes a nice change!

I was tempted to go off on one about...

...a particularly unfunny and (as usual) grotesquely biased segment on the same programme mocking  Jacob Rees-Mogg, but then the above clip appeared on my Twitter timeline. To be honest, I'd never heard of Geoff Norcott  (“the UK’s only declared Conservative comedian,” according to his publicity), but then I'd rather polish my eyeballs with a Brillo Pad than watch a "topical" comedy programme on British television. It's such a relief to hear any comedian say the sort of things Northcutt says that it's difficult to tell how funny he actually is - I've watched the video twice, and the shock hasn't quite worn off yet. 

As I regularly berate my old employers for turning TV comedy into a wall-to-wall leftie-fest, the least I can do is to (grudgingly) congratulate them for actually giving a right-winger airtime. But it's telling that the programme felt the need to introduce Norcott as "the voice of Conservative Britain" - presumably every other performer is introduced as "a standard-issue, relentlessly unfunny, middle class Labour-supporting conformist who assumes everyone thinks the same as them about everything because they don't know anyone who doesn't, who has never entertained an original thought in their lives, and wouldn't dare voice it if they did because they'd probably never be invited on television again."

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