Tuesday, 13 February 2018

A special bumper round-up of social media madness, mendacity and mockery from the past fortnight...

Do you like Oxfam's proposed redesign for its shop-fronts?
The Oxfam sex scandal prompted one of the oddest tweets so far this year:

If the story's true (and it obviously is), what does it matter whose news agenda it fits? What or who  is Marcus Chown suspicious of? Baffling. I intend to follow the advice of one former Oxfam employee:
Meanwhile, America's Left - including the country's TDS-afflicted liberal mainstream media - lost its moral marbles over the appearance of the sister of North Korea's mass-murdering tyrant and a troupe of cheerleaders at the Winter Olympics:
Time for a little perspective:
Dear, oh dear!

The most politically "woke" American of the year award goes to this fruitloop: 
Mind you, this Canadian is about as "woke"as it's possible to be without winding up on zombie meds in a straitjacket: 
The British police aren't far behind:
I'm sure the people of Surrey will sleep more soundly, knowing the police have got their backs (and their IP addresses).

Meanwhile, the BBC is - as always - concerned with weightier matters:
Glad to see the licence fee isn't being wasted...
Well, if they're tired of being poor, perhaps they should consider another line of work - I suspect very few poets have to pay higher rate tax. Speaking of poverty...
I've thought about... and it's not true. Okay?

The BBC started hyper-ventilating last week about 10,000 year-old Cheddar Man possible having "dark skin". This soon morphed into a claim that early Britons were black:
...but it would at least account for some of the Corporation's more "imaginative" casting decisions in recent months:
As we know, everything  - absolutely everything - is about racism: even Bermuda's decision to ban same-sex marriage:
How did we get from the alleged oppression of Black people to the oppression of the LGBTQXYZ community? Brilliant! (And shouldn't the Labour Member for Tottenham be spending a little more time worrying about his constituents rather than poking his nose into Bermuda's internal affairs?)

I was going to try not to mention Brexit, but Anna Soubry seems to be on the BBC wanging on about the subject every few minutes these days, so it's hard to ignore. She started by demanding that Theresa May sling out all those nasty Brexit "extremist" Tory MPs, whom Soubry regards as an absolute shower, because they don't agree with her that laws should be imposed on British voters by foreign bureaucrats, rather than by the British politicians they actually voted for:
Fellow Tory MP Nadine Dorries pointed out a potential flaw in Ms Soubry's position:  
Talking of ideological extremists, in the unlikely event that "philosopher" A.C. Grayling has any friends, they urgently need stage an intervention - his deteriorating mental condition is causing grave concern:  
Let me get this straight: the British government, with the collusion of the Royal Navy, is prepared to sacrifice a warship to distract attention from its Brexit negotiations with the EU? Are you out of your freaking mind??? As for this next EU-related tweet - well it's just plain mean:
Someone we know to be out their freaking mind is the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell...
...as are most other Labour MPs:
Could someone with an IQ above 10 who lived through the horrors of the 1970s or has read a few books please explain to Laura that nationalised services were outsourced and privatised because they were a complete and utter fucking disaster. The Health Service is still nationalised, which rather proves my point. 

London's favourite comic has been busy virtue-signalling all week (as he is every week). But can anyone spot the tiny flaw in this announcement?:
Okay, here's a clue: there is not a single person serving time for involvement in the unspeakably barbaric practice of FGM in London (or anywhere else in the UK, for that matter). Perhaps he just doesn't know what the phrase "zero tolerance" means. Or maybe he's just a mendacious little toad. You decide! 

I'll end with Ben Shapiro, the lucky winner (as so often) of our "most savage tweet by a conservative" award for this month:

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