Friday, 2 February 2018

A round-up of this week's wit, wisdom, stupidity and hysteria Pt.1

I've been too distracted by hospital and GP visits this week to read anything intelligent or write anything coherent this week - but I've been saving up snippets that caught my eye... and now it's your turn to suffer. I'll start with some examples of the Left's propensity for pomposity, hypocrisy, lack of perspective and sheer mendacity:
It's no good - I literally have no idea what...

...point Peter Snow's son is trying to make here. Ditto this nasty creep:
I suspect the former No.10 press secretary missed the bit where the British electorate voted for Brexit. As for the reliably idiotic and ant-democratic eurofanatic, "Lord" Adonis - wut???
As for the BBC having been "captured by Brexiters" (or "Brexiteers", as everyone else calls us, you Remoaniac twit) - do you not actually read newspapers or visit news sites? According to the social policy think-tank News Watch, the BBC's Radio 4 Today programme featured 4,275 guests talking about the EU between 2005 and 2015.  Of those, only 132 (a measly 3.2%), supported Brexit - whereas, in 2015, 52% of British voters wanted out, which would suggest that the views of the British people were unrepresented on Today by a factor of just under 16. How many times, Andy, did you complain during those ten years that the BBC was in breach of its charter regarding its reporting on the EU? None, would be my guess. In case you're tempted to argue that the "capture" of the BBC by Brexiteers has happened since then, in October and November 2017, Today carried out 97 interviews on Brexit: of those, a mere nine were pro-Brexit - less than one-tenth. In which parallel universe does that constitute anti-Brexit bias?  Fool.

Speaking of fools:
Tasteful or what? No mention of Britain's role in saving the rest of Europe - nor of the fact that it was also the worst example of what extreme socialism can lead to, or that it was also the worst example of what an extreme desire to "integrate" Europe can lead to - or that the British people originally voted to stay in the EC on the basis of the lie that it was nothing more than a trading bloc. Or, for that matter, that the EU's deranged immigration policies have led directly to the highest levels of anti-Semitism in Europe since the last war. 

Speaking of national socialism, here's the sort of thing the slavishly pro-EU SNP is keen on:
Hoots! these people are so creepy!

Meanwhile, back in Brexitland, despite all the economic good news (or, at the very least, the absence of bad news) Project Fear continues to pump out this sort of meaningless bilge:
Would those, by any chance, be all the same economists who so presciently predicted the Great Crash of 2008? And the same ones who have been proved so triumphantly right in assuring us that Britain would instantly fall off an economic cliff if it voted for Brexit? And what's all this "ideologically aligned" tosh? Presumably, the IFS is imploring us to discount the views of swivel-eyed pro-Brexit economists (who've generally been proved right in the past 18 months) because they've allowed their "ultra","extreme" and "far right" political views to blind them to the facts - while we should automatically trust Remainer economists (who've generally been proved utterly wrong in the past 18 months), because they're politically unbiased. What a ludicrous argument! The majority of economists thought we should adopt the Euro - I rest my case. 

Mind you, not all the blame for the constant swirl of confusion that surrounds Brexit can be laid at the feet of Remainers - as Iain Dale points out.
Decision? Vision? Articulacy? From Theresa May? I'm not exactly holding my breath, Daley. 

That's enough Brexit - I'll split this in two and stick all my non-EU related snippets in another post...

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