Wednesday, 14 February 2018

A European Superstate? Where did silly old Boris Johnson ever get such a ridiculous notion!

Honestly! These Brexiteers really do make the most ridiculous claims!...

...Oh, hang on...
Well, anyway, I think Boris should apologise immediately for telling the truth. What a bumbling idiot!

Meanwhile, here's a map which reveals just how racist and intolerant Brexit Britain really is:

Speaking of intolerance and baseless, irrational prejudice, here's an interesting observation from the Woman in Black author, Susan Hill:
"Someone like you." Imagine. It's almost as if the intolerant fanatics are on the Remain side - but that simply can't be true, because the BBC and Sky News are always telling Brexiteers that we're the swivel-eyed, foam-flecked nutters. Aren't we?

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  1. Maastricht was Britain's major problem and Major was Britain's problem.