Sunday, 21 January 2018

The Sunday Funnies are back!

Apparently, the person in question admitted headbutting a barman. I only include this one as an excuse to show once again one of my favourite film clips:

As for this one - well, I thought gender was just a social construct and nothing to do with silly old biology?:
As for this one - please tell me they're joking!
What next? Ban exams and sports to protect children's feelings? (Well, yes, because that's what the New Left actually wants). 
It's almost as if the EU's keenest supporters don't believe in democracy. Oh, yes, that's right - they don't!
Now there's a surprise - a man who who became a Cabinet minister without the palaver of being elected as an MP thinks it's better for unelected EU bureaucrats to have more say over Britain's trade and international relations than the UK government, which the British electorate voted for. Crazy! But not quite as crazy as this news item: 
I suggest we all bow our heads for a moment in order to pray for the residents of Haringey - who voted for Labour, so it's their own fault, really.

Here's one for those who follow US affairs:
Okay - Jaw, let me introduce you to Floor:

According to the Pulp Librarian twitter feed, this is not a parody - The Life of Eva Braun. Mujeres Célebres no 260 was published in Mexico in 1973.  Speaking of Mexico...
A huge psychopath in a new car in 1972 - when cars were really dangerous? Great idea!

As for this last image - the girl's definitely from 2016, but the dude in the shawl-neck jumper and the "product" on his hair appears to taken a backward trip through time!


  1. The sight of the model in the Escort Mexico advert prompts me to suggest that the Blogmeister might ask SDG, Southern Man, Moss, Riley and other compassionate blog followers to observe a minute's silence at the passing of Peter Wyngarde. Gloucester bus garage might be a fitting location for this tribute.

    1. I have maintained my own respectful silence for more than a minute. Peter Wyngarde – or Petunia Winegum as he was also known when he wasn't otherwise known as Cyril Louis Goldbert – is worth more than that. His biography on Wikipedia is inspirational.

  2. One could never forget the tan or the extravagant tailoring and he died at 90. Crikey.

  3. Jason King had a "Licence to Drill". I wonder who inherited his cordless Black & Decker and his collection of drill-heads?

  4. Dear old Peter Wyngarde. I was going to mark his passing, but it would have meant bringing up - yet again - the embarrassing cause of his downfall. I'll always be grateful to him for an occasion when I returned to my hotel room in Geneva following a particularly bloody day at work, which had left me feeling vaguely suicidal. I lay on the bed for a while, groaning as I remember every horrible detail of the past 14 hours, and finally, in desperation, switched on the TV, only to find that an old episode of Department S was playing. All it needed was for Jason King to remove the foot-long, impossibly thin pipe he kept lodged down the side of one of his knee-length leather boots (because his budgie-smuggler trousers were too tight for pockets) and I was suddenly rolling around, laughing hysterically, the cares of the day momentarily banished. I've forgotten where he kept his tobacco and lighter - probably best not to ask.