Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Oprah for President because she stands up to sexual predators? Really?

Ah, sweet! - "Go on, honey - be nice to the fine gentleman, and he'll be nice to you!" Here are some more heart-warming pictures:

Perhaps Ms Winfrey should ask this eminent entertainment industry leftist to run for Vice-President?
...specially as the Streepster so bravely signalled her disapproval of Roman Polanski at the 2003 Oscars:
Well, that certainly showed all  those creepy-assed film industry sex abusers, Meryl! If Oprah feels American voters aren't quite ready for an all-woman ticket, maybe it'll be time for this (frequently) prominent Democrat to enjoy a political resurrection:
And, of course, who better to run Oprah's election campaign than these two fine and (frequently) upstanding  citizens:
The 2021 American election campaign could be a whole heap of fun!

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