Saturday, 16 December 2017

Tory Brexit traitors, England cricketers, Hollywood sex fiends? Cheer us up, Rita, Cyd, Ginger, Leslie, Sophia and Silvana - and, of course, Fred and Eleanor!

I always knew Rita Hayworth was a good mover - but wowsers!:
Here's what happens when you match the greatest dance team in film history team up with the greatest number of the Swing era:
Sophia Loren + "Mambo Italiano" = gosh!:
Silvana Mangano + "Mambo" = golly!:
Yes, I know it's been done before - but this one's fun:
No trickery, no mash-ups, no superimposed modern music, no sultry Italian beauties  - just Hollywood's two greatest dancers at the very height of their glorious powers:
And if that lot didn't cheer you up - I reckon nothing will!


  1. Sadly, all I seem to get from your blog these days, Scott, is a little bit of text and a lot of blank spaces. You have explained that it is probably because my laptop is rather old, and I accept that.

    So my question is: if I buy a new laptop - possibly in the sales - which do people suggest that I buy? I had better explain that I mainly use my laptop for emails, games, youtube and generally messing about. Any advice, chaps?

    1. I would recommend a Chromebook. As long as privacy is not an issue.

      Tesco have 16 models ranging from £209 to £999.99.

      PC World have 19, £169.99 to £1,699.

      And then there's Amazon.

      Even the cheapest have a camera, enough storage for a lot of photographs and music but you can add endless Google cloud storage at a price, and a microphone and speakers so you can skype your grandparents. Look at the customer ratings where there are at least 50 of them, no point trail-blazing on anything brand new. Ask lots of other people what they recommend. Drop into a shop and try the machines out.

      Buy the cheapest one with a screen you can live with and a keyboard your fingers fit on. Or a drophead with real chrome fenders and overdrive.

  2. Thanks, David, for the advice. I will look into it. BTW I think my grandparents are already in The Cloud - I am a grandparent myself! This may explain why I am so unknowledgeable about IT matters.

    1. Just a fellow grandparent trying to raise a smile, looks like I got one and a bonus good joke about the cloud.

  3. What Mr. Moss said. Four years ago, our Apple desktop and laptop (bought at the same time, same OS), became too low-powered to allow us to update the operating systems. As a result, it eventually became impossible to play YouTube videos on them - and a number of other sites just stopped working. So we bought new machines - we got all the old websites back, but what I hadn't realised was that the latest versions of the iTunes and Photos apps would be inferior to earlier versions, that Outlook would no longer work unless we bought an annual subscription from Microsoft - making all my old emails virtually inaccessible - and that Garageband (Apple's the music-making app) wouldn't play any of the music files I'd created in the previous five years and that I wouldn't be able to access the virtual instruments I'd spent £180 buying from Apple!

    Good luck with your new machine!