Saturday, 23 December 2017

Blimey! What sort of state is Jean-Claude Juncker going to be in by Christmas Day!

Meanwhile, proof that you don't have to be all that bright to...
...make a lot of money:
...and confirmation that being very rich means never having to say you're sorry:
...i.e. having swallowed and tweeted an outright Project Fear lie - the UK's contract for passport production is up for renewal, so they'd have had to go through this process in any case - published in the former newspaper The Independent, intrepid news-hound James "Scoop" Caan (CBE probably stands for Cretin Believes Everything) "researched" the subject he had already employed for virtue-signalling purposes by bothering to read the responses to his spectacularly credulous tweet. And then tried to gloss it over by calling it "Good news".

Cue: onions, violins, and an ocean of compassionate tears:
It seems that staff at The Independent have joined Jean-Claude Druncker in celebrating Christmas early:

They left out "anti-white racist", "limited numeracy skills", and, of course, "nauseatingly hypocritical".

Dear Santa, please make this happen in 2018!
My final Christmas cracker features the film actress Jodie Foster, using a classic leftie ploy. See if you can spot it:
You're right! When prominent lefties are accused of doing something truly despicable - in this case, Hillary-lovin' entertainment A-listers sexually abusing entertainment B, C, D and no-listers - deflect attention from them by accusing millions (or, as in this case, billions) of others of being similarly guilty of sort of roughly the same thing in some unspecified way which doesn't actually involve committing the sordid offences of which your fellow-believers have been accused:
Voilà! All men are rapists - and even if they haven't sexually abused anyone or even thought of doing so, they're unconscious rapists - so there's no point singling out my Democrat-supporting Hollywood chums for criticism! Thanks for the finger-wagging lecture, Jodie, but I've courageously "really" looked at and started thinking about my "part" and I 100% understand that you're the one living in a privileged bubble. And, by the way, I reckon it must be a pretty interesting time for sanctimonious leftists of both genders. Or neither.

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