Saturday, 25 November 2017

Twit of the Year contest - I'm betting on a win for Alastair Campbell

I'd add "Conservative" MP Nicky Morgan to the list. In fact, it seems a shame...

that the other 13 Brexit rebel Tory MPs can't be on there instead of ineffective leftie gum-flappers like Yasmin Alibhai Brown, Polly Toynbee and the farcical Owen Jones. And there's probably no need to put meaningless showbiz idiots such as Lily Allen, Charlotte Church and Eddie Izzard on the list (and, anyway, why no Emma Thompson or "Sir" Lenny Henry?). All these people  are massive twits, of course, but I'm not sure anybody listens to them any longer. I'd certainly have Michel Barnier on there. And the American football player, Colin "Take a Knee" Kaepernick - but you'd probably need another list to fit on all the American twits.  

Anyway, all this jockeying for position doesn't matter, because the Twit of the Year award must go to arch-traitor Alastair Campbell, who is Lord Haw-Haw, Tokyo Rose, Benedict Arnold and Vidkun Quisling rolled into one:
What an unspeakable swine Campbell is:
"No election would elect"? Mainly because the three main parties (four if you count the SNP) "offered" the electorate in most constituencies a choice between three or four ardent Remain candidates. When voted were given a choice, they voted Leave. How is this "imposing" an agenda?
In which alternative reality is there a majority?
Ah - that alternative reality.  

It's a pity media organisations can't be included on the list:
Ms Swift has committed the unspeakable crime of refusing to involve herself in political issues - i.e. to virtue signal by loudly trumpeting the causes dear to progressivists. Therefore, in the terrifying, dystopian alternative reality which the Guardian inhabits, she's basically a Nazi. 

While the Guardian and the Independent would be worthy winners of any Twit of the Year award for media organisations, they'd face some stiff competition from any number of American fake news outlets:
I remember the hard left journalist Paul Foot using the same argument in his book about Enoch Powell published in the late '60s: the Trotskyist spent several pages arguing that the fact Powell and the National Front had both used the phrase "England's green and pleasant land" several times proved conclusively that Powell was a Nazi. 

Manson mania also gripped the New York Times last week:
An interesting argument, given Manson's opinions:
As I said, the Guardian and the Independent face some steep competition from across the Pond. One of them should immediately hire this fruit-loop:

Someone needs to find the portal which leads to the horrible world these people evidently inhabit - and close it forever!


  1. Kevin Maguire in this week's New Statesman:

    Alastair Campbell:“When are you going to stop fucking up my country?”
    Gisela Stuart: “It’s my country, too”
    Alastair Campbell: “You’ve got another country to go to”

    1. Bloody German - comin' over 'ere and savin' our country. Makes yer sick!