Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The New York attack, Tory gropers, the sleazy Clintons... and the wisdom of Diane Abbott

Oh dear. Meanwhile, in case you imagined that yesterday's attack in New York was carried out by a radical Islamic terrorist acting in the name of ISIS, let the BBC's North America Editor put the right:

You mean it's like some horror movie where inanimate objects take on a life of their own and start killing people? I think most of us would be able to think of something else these cities all have in common. But don't say it out loud, because...
He's a sociologist at Rice University in Texas, which, so its logo tells us, believes in "Unconventional Wisdom" - what I suspect the rest of us tend to think of as "Conventional Stupidity". Meanwhile, NBC knows exactly who the real victims are here: 
Just check the media script below, and, yes - Day 2 AM, right on schedule!

One of the things I truly admire about the Left is the way it can magically transform a news story about left-wingers behaving badly into a narrative about right-wingers behaving badly. This is happening on at least two fronts right now. First, there's a stack of allegations regarding sexually predatory behaviour by Democrat-funding Hollywood liberals, then one Labour MP has the whip suspended after the release of a string of homophobic and racist social media posts and a woman accusing him of calling her an "ugly bitch", while Clive Lewis, another Labour MP,  is recorded on stage at a Momentum event telling a woman in the audience to "get on your knees, bitch!" - but suddenly all we're talking about is a dodgy dossier involving a string of allegations of sexually improper behaviour against Tory MPs? That's pure genius, that is!
As so often, the Tories only have themselves to blame: with each passing day, this feels more and more like the last grim months of the John Major government, when, under a weak, politically inept leader, the Conservative Party scored an endless series of utterly avoidable own goals. As so often, the Daily Telegraph's Matt summed up the whole ridiculous Tory dossier brouhaha astutely:
Meanwhile, in America, the same trick has been deployed to deflect attention away from sensational allegations involving Hillary Clinton, her sleazoid husband, uranium sales, a vast sum of cash being "donated" to the Clinton Foundation, and the Clinton campaign team colluding with the Russians to cook up an anti-Trump document: within the blink of an eye, the left-liberal media's favourite smear campaign had swung back into life, and, suddenly, all we're talking about are alleged dealings with the Russkies by members of Trump's team!
No, really - I doff my cap to the truth-twisting maestros of the Left and their mainstream media chums: it's like watching brilliant magicians at work - no matter how carefully you watch their hands, you simply can't tell how they managed it! 

Here in Blighty, of course, the subject which brings out the very best in political spinmeisters from the vast, sludgy, Balirte/Cameroonian centre ground - aided by the broadcasters, the banks, the Green Industry/Scam, Big Business etc. - is the EU. No matter how badly it's doing, no matter how many splits appear in its jerry-built edifice (geddit?), no matter how arrogantly or how insultingly its bureaucrats behave, no matter how many predictions regarding the UK's imminent economic collapse fail to materialise, post-Brexit Britain will prove a catastrophe, while the EU will go from strength to strength:


  1. It wouldn't surprise me if the lefties tried to spin the New York horror as "work place violence" due to a pick up truck being the prime weapon.
    Sounds preposterous? Remember Fort Hood, Texas 5 November 2009.

    1. Not in the least preposterous, southern man. Whenever a Muslim murders innocent people indiscriminately, leftists pounce on any attempt to implicate Muslims in general or the religion of Islam in the crime - but give them a mass shooting at a Southern church, and they're instantly tweeting how it's the fault of all Republicans or all right-wingers or all gun-owners. Logic isn't really their thing.

  2. Cock Inn Regular3 November 2017 at 15:52

    A major Leftist push for 'Van Control' may well be the next desideratum for Leftists.

    1. CNN and the New York Times got there ahead of you, Cock Inn Regular - they're always careful to blame the vehicle rather than the Islamist fanatic in their headlines, i.e. "Truck kills eight in New York".