Thursday, 30 November 2017

Sorry, skip - can't bat. Got a bit of a twinge...

I'll be honest - I was...

...tempted to use the headline, "Go on - pull the other one!" But I realised that might seem a trifle crass. 

I know nothing about the chap in the video, so I may be speaking out of turn - but, given all the aid money sloshing around the world and disappearing into Third World dictators' Swiss bank accounts, couldn't a few quid be spent on supplying this extraordinary young man with a prosthetic leg?


  1. If the cretins at the ECB were on the ball they would give this young man a British passport and ship him down to Adelaide. He would not be found hanging about in bars after hours duffing up innocent punters. Perhaps he could help Cooke with his suspect technique and stiffen his sinews?

    1. I was at first annoyed by the announcement that BT Sport had bought all the TV rights to the current Ashes series, especially as I'd just cancelled my subscription. Given how the series is going, however, I'm extremely relieved that I can't watch any of it. I'm a horror fan - but this belongs in the old Video Nasty category.