Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Gosh, isn't Myq a truly wonderful human being? We are not worthy...

Oh, you darling, darling man - only, you seem to have left a couple out:

Given that Myq(?) Kaplan describes himself as a "stand-up comedian", you'd think he'd have appreciated these suggestions. But Myq is a left-wing comedian, and therefore, bereft of a sense of humour:
Woah! What happened to listening to women, sharing their perspectives and amplifying their voices? I bet he wouldn't find this funny either:
But I suggest Myq immediately tweets his adorable list to this bloke, who's evidently looking for advice on the issue of how to handle a woman:

1 comment:

  1. Sid James to Barbara Windsor :
    Come on, you know I'm in love with you , I haven't looked at another woman in months.

    BW : Sid, you're married.

    What, I suspect, this Kaplan creature wants is to listen to his wife complain about Cuckservative opinions while he sits in the corner watching.