Monday, 13 November 2017

Gay lions, the wisdom of four-year olds, poppies, and cuddly Marxists...

Hard not to agree with the little twerp for once - even though this is pretty much exactly what he was saying about the Labour Party this time last year.  It's also hard to disagree with any of the following tweets: 

Meanwhile, this is an interesting question:
I'm not sure - but probably when Richard Ingrams was editing it. This month's prize for pretending your child said something that fits your political agenda when they obviously said no such thing goes to...
The rest of us would just like to thank Hillary from our bottom, Michael. Perhaps someone should slip Mateo Ali a book by Thomas Sowell:

Yup. The same, of course, is true of many Britons. Out of habit, I switched on Radio 4 late last night while making a last cup of tea - and switched it off 20 seconds later, having inadvertently stumbled upon a programme described as follows: 
Marxism - Laurie Taylor talks to David Harvey, Professor of Anthropology at CUNY and world authority on Marx's thought. His latest book explores the architecture of capital & insists that Marx's original analysis of our economic system still resonates today. 
Here's someone else who felt that Marx's original analysis of "our" economic system still resonated in their day:
Sounds great! I bet I know one leading British politician who will have been glued to Professor Harvey's interview (although he won't have understood a word of it):
Nice one, comrade! Remember, to guarantee the victory of the proletariat, you must surround yourself with the very best people:
Talking of left-wingers, whenever I want advice about how to behave patriotically, I invariably consult The Independent:
Just wait there - I'll fetch the nurse. As for the next item, I'm shocked at the very suggestion that a rich social justice warrior might be guilty of hypocrisy!:
It's good to see CNN giving the lie to all those "fake news" charges:
And it's good to see that America's left-wing media has removed its collective tongue from Barack Obama's sphincter:
Sorry- my mistake! It's still firmly wedged up there. As for this next story - I simply refuse to believe it:
Although, come to think of it, this turns out to be the case in just about every hate-crime reported  in America - it's as if some left-wingers are only too willing to lie in order to advance their poisonously divisive political agenda. For instance:
Well, I bet all those sceptics who claimed that the Southern Rail drivers' strike was all about money rather than passenger safety (as the drivers had claimed) will be feeling jolly silly now!

Any conservative or right-winger looking for silver lining in these distinctly overcast times might derive some comfort from the following observation:
Hmm. Given the current furore over the sexually predatory behaviour of many politicians and entertainment industry types, I think we should applaud Andrew Lawrence for speaking up:
I'll end by saluting gay tourists to Kenya, who, it seems, even wild beasts can't keep apart!

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