Sunday, 12 November 2017

Because transgenderism is obviously the single most important social issue facing Britain...

That ridiculous story from today's Mail on Sunday (which you can read here) reminded me that it's been a while since...

...I checked up on how the BBC's extraordinarily successful campaign to turn transsexuals into the Progressivists' pet victim group de nos jours (my last survey was at the end of June). I was about to give it a miss this time, in case all the police currently dealing with rapes, muggings and stabbings were ordered to drop those minor matters in order to apprehend a rabid thought-criminal believed to be operating out of the Chiswick area of West London. But then someone tweeted this spectacular example of fruitloopiness:

Eton? Seriously? One rather expects state schools like the one Joshua Sutcliffe teaches at to go in for this sort of cultural Marxist nonsense - but Eton?  Is there literally no escape from this madness? Anyway, that double-whammy convinced me to visit the BBC website. Carefully averting my gaze from all the STOP BREXIT! and SACK BORIS! headlines, I entered the terms "Transgender" and "Transsexual" in the search-box - and, restricting my trawl to the last three months, here's what the Corporation has been doing to further what is apparently the most important social issue facing the world in 2017 (as it was in 2016 and 2015):

The BBC - any serious news organisation - has a duty to cover a topic such as transgenderism. But when the coverage reaches these extraordinary levels, that organisation has taken on a proselytising role: it has, in effect, become a pressure group. I have no objection to pressure groups, as long as they're voluntarily funded by members of the public. As the BBC isn't voluntarily funded (you can go to prison for not paying the licence fee) it has absolutely no right to act as a pressure group on behalf of any cause, no matter how worthy. Just stop it! 

A number of national newspapers are covering the story about the secondary school teacher who has been suspended for calling a boy a girl by mistake - but it hasn't appeared on the BBC news site so far. Mind you, as the teacher claimed that his school had "a liberal Leftish agenda", he obviously doesn't deserve any sympathy.

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  1. And I posted this without realising that BBC Two were reshowing Louis Theroux's "Transgender Kids" documentary last night. It never stops.