Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Either these American kiddies were brainwashed - or they said no such thing

It's strange that the offspring of left-liberal Americans never say things like:

Our school's going to allow boys to use the girls' bathroom. Ewwww! That's really creepy!

This immigrant kid in class told me girls shouldn't be educated and that I should keep my head covered. I called him a dork, but our teacher said I should respect his culture. I said why should I, cos he doesn't respect mine and she sent me to the principal.

You and dad voted for Hillary? But she looks like a crazy old witch and when she laughs I want to run and hide.

Daddy - who was Monica Lewinski? Did Donald Trump molest her? 

Gee, it's not fair - I worked like really hard to get top marks in a math test, and the teacher gave Julio a better grade even though he scored like zero because he didn't do any work for it but the teacher said it was only fair because Julio didn't have my vantages I think she said so can I take medicine and get rid of my vantages so I don't have to do any work and still get good grades? Can I, huh?

Mom, dad - could you two stop making up crazy shit I never said and posting it online? 

Oh God - I've just seen another one:

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