Thursday, 10 August 2017

Chelsea Handler, the former US soldier convicted of espionage, picks a fight with Ben Shapiro. Bad move.

United States Army Private First Class Bradley E. Manning was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment in 2013 for a whole host of offences, but mainly for leaking almost half a million US army documents. While in prison, Manning made the ultimate sacrifice and opted for gender reassignment surgery - unfortunately not performed without anaesthetic by fellow-inmates - and morphed into gorgeous, pouting Chelsea.  (I wonder how she's coping with the menstrual cycle.) As he left office, Barack Obama - who evidently can't resist a transgender traitor - commuted the latest US Army poster gal's sentence to seven years (that's 80% off for...well, for being a wonderful human being, I guess). So now he/she/whatever is out and proud and tweeting. Only he/she/whatever hasn't yet learned the basic lesson that, whoever you engage with on social media, make sure it isn't the bladed weapon that is the conservative commentator, Ben Shapiro - that's like juggling with razors:

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