Thursday, 27 July 2017

Twitter suspends right-wing satirist Godfrey Elfwick for being mean to multimillionaire BBC leftie, Gary Lineker. Shame!

I became aware of Twitter's attitude to right-wing snark-meisters a few years ago when Old Holborn used to disappear on a regular basis, only to pop up under another, similar name - but "Britain's vilest troll" appears to have learned how to play the thought-police's game. America's alt-right twitterati felt the mighty force of the platform's disapproval in 2016 (the actor James Woods stopped tweeting for a while in protest, but his splendidly splenetic fellow-thespian Nick Searcy kept on swinging). Now, possibly emboldened by Jeremy Corbyn's unexpectedly strong showing at the general election and the tsunami of ersatz leftie fury following the Grenfell Tower fire, British Twitter is falling into line by suspending various alt-right/right-wing/libertarian troublemakers. This comment on Gary Linkere's eye-wateringly vast BBC salary is what earned Godfrey Elfwick - currently the funniest thing on Twitter - a ban (if fruit language offends you, please don't read it).

Well, okay, Elfwick doesn't usually resort to such naked personal abuse, and I prefer it when he tweets in his chosen guise of an impossibly "woke" little New Left snowflake...
...but Gary Lineker misusing his status as a BBC presenter to pump out left-wing propaganda - and getting away with it - does drive a lot of people round the twist (me included). If the former England football hero and crisp salesman wants to use social media to insult at least half of the people who pay his whopping and totally unjustifiable BBC salary by claiming that anyone who voted for Brexit is a heartless racist, then I reckon he should be expected to put up with almost any amount of abuse. Of course, that abuse mustn't include incitement to violence or lies about him - but if Gary Lineker isn't a "virtue-signalling c*nt", I don't know who is.

Godfrey Elfwick has subsequently reappeared on Twitter, but he has apparently decided that trying to second-guess the platform's left-wing guardians simply isn't worth the effort, and is threatening to decamp to YouTube, where the likes of Paul Joseph Watson have built huge followings. Pity, because, as a consumer, Twitter suits me down to the ground, and I will miss the pleasure of laughing out loud when - as they so often do - an Elfwick comment hits the bullseye. Still, there are others who fulfil that function - like Ben Shapiro, here writing about O.J. Simpson:
The BBC - aided by the rest of Britain's left-liberal media - neatly, and inevitably, managed to turn its pay scandal into a gender inequality story. We'll no doubt be hearing in due course that female presenters like Emily Maitlis and Clare Balding - who are already well-rewarded for their labours - have received pay rises to bring them into line with their testicled colleagues. While I have no doubt that they're worth just as much - probably more - than better-paid male presenters, I'm sure most of my readers would concur that the simplest way of solving the BBC's gender pay gap conundrum would be to slash the pay of high earners such as Lineker, the rebarbative Chris Evans, and John Humphrys. 

As I've pointed out before, Lineker isn't even expected to present Match of the Day on consecutive days, despite not actually commentating on the games, and despite having enough energy to spare to earn another fortune from BT Sport for fronting its mid-week Champions League coverage:  Clare Balding (who also works for BT Sport) seems perfectly capable of presenting thirteen live weekly one-hour shows on BBC2 during Wimbledon fortnight! Given Gary's deep concern for the wretched of the earth (economic migrants, EU Commissioners etc) and his contempt for those selfish wretches who question unrestricted immigration and continuing membership of the EU, he will no doubt be tortured by guilt at how much more he earns than far more proficient and productive female colleagues - so the BBC should put him out of his misery and cut his annual salary by at least £1,500,000 with immediate effect. Now that's what I call social justice!

It would also mean that Gary wouldn't be subjected to mean tweets like these - and the Twitter police could turn their attention to all the hatred and bile spewing from its left-wing users: 
Oh, sorry - not that one. Obviously, it's fine for Gary Lineker to insult people he doesn't like. I meant this sort of tweet:

Twitter has now suspended Raheem Kassam, Breitbart's London editor in chief, just days after he announced the forthcoming publication of his new book, No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You. On and on it goes...


  1. Excoriating stuff. Well done.

    Your reference to "testicled colleagues". Just to point out that Dionysus, the God of wine and all sorts of other good things, was also known as "Enorches" [the Betesticled One] so you might want to change your spelling.

    The most recent usage was by an American blogger, David Roberts, who started off a tweet in 2013 "my fellow betesticled Caucasians etc".

    Should you extend your attack to the vacuous Alan Shearer his official description is "bedimpled."

    1. Damn! I had it as "betesticled" to start with - should have gone with my instincts.

      Anyway, I was about to Google "betesticled" after reading your comment - but then became nervous at the thought of what might pop out, as it were.