Sunday, 9 July 2017

Sunday's Comic Cuts... aka "We really are going to Hell in a Handcart"

Feeling safer already...
It's too hot to think, let alone write anything, so here's the result of another lazy trawl...

...through social media for the purpose of raising some groans of disapproval and a few cheap laughs from fellow-indignants.
I'm sure church attendance will go through the roof as a result. Meanwhile, the present is beginning to feel like a foreign country - they do things differently here:
I have no idea what the above headline means, and I have no desire to find out. Just...stop it.
I said stop it! 
What? Conservatives aren't allowed to be LGBT? Or they are, but they should stay in the closet? Gosh, I so love events like London Pride 2017, which are aimed at celebrating inclusivity! 

Still, maybe she fancies a career change. Sounds like there's a tailor-made job waiting for her at the New Statesman:
I expect the NS will be advertising a "whites only" version shortly. That way, they won't lay themselves open to a charge of rampant racism.

Who's making those peculiar lick, lick, slurp slurp noises? Oh, look: it's Mrs. Ed Balls performing colonic irrigation on her party leader:
But she isn't afraid to say things Labour members won't like:
Wow, Yvette - posting that must have taken real courage! As gangs of black-unformed Trump-hating leftie thugs have spent the last few days burning and looting Hamburg, I think it's important that people like you have the guts to accuse President Trump of "normalising hatred". Violette Szabo had nothing on you, you feisty little freedom-fighter.

Meanwhile, CNN have been equally fearless in reporting the Hamburg riots:
"Eclectic", "international", "peaceful"? Riiiight. 

Speaking of Trump, it's good to see America's other main left-wing news outlets reporting the president's European tour without a hint of political bias:
All the news that's fit to print? Really? Still - I expect MSNBC managed to avoid political prejudice:
I bet Britain's main left-wing news outlet wouldn't fall into the same trap: 
"Despite" appears to be the BBC's favourite word when reporting right-wing successes. Despite the Lib Dems' catastrophic election performance running on a "Brexit denial" platform, Vince Cable has apparently decided to double down on the strategy that did for his predecessor:
Britain is leaving the EU, you ghastly old twit, because that's what the British people voted for 12 months ago. If you're confused, just look up the word "democracy" in any reputable dictionary. 

Finally, yet more proof that aliens have taken human form and walk amongst us. They're undetectable... right up until the point when they open their mouths and say something bonkers:

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