Friday, 14 July 2017

Pass the sick-bag, Alice! More social media madness - and something for the weekend...

It did indeed...

...If you need further proof that irony is dead, look no further than ghastly old communist film director, Ken Loach.  This was the reaction of Radiohead's Thom Yorke (a popular beat combo, m'lud - I am reliably informed that the gentleman in the picture "sings" and strums the banjolele) to anti-Israel BDS killjoys at a gig in Glasgow a few days ago who were heckling the band over its decision to stage a concert in the only tolerant, inclusive democracy in the Middle East:
This was crazed Corbynite Loach's beyond-satire response:
Apparently, they stand with the victims of endless rocket and terrorist attacks by Arab fascists, you vile, posturing old hypocrite. 

If there's anyone leftists hate more than Jews...oopsZionists, it's Donald Trump. Not that keen on the man myself, but he is the democratically-elected leader of the most powerful country in the world, so it pays to have him onside - something the two-faced, wily French understand only too well. Even Piers Morgan is able to grasp the point: 
No, Janice - Macron is actually looking out for France's interests, like he's supposed to do. Our own weak-kneed government lost the opportunity to do some serious - and extremely necessary - sucking-up to America by inviting its president for a state visit at the earliest opportunity because of the grotesque snobbery of our left-liberal elite and its fear of Corbynite louts staging a series of ugly, violent, nappie-filling riots which the British authorities would be too wet to crush with an appropriate display of force.  The state is apparently terrified of what a bunch of childish, middle-class university graduates might do if provoked (burst into tears and run home to mummy and daddy, I reckon). Perhaps the police could shower the next pro-Corbyn rally with the following handy guide to Corbynomics from Private Eye:
Actually, there have been one or two funny things in Private Eye recently, including this Owen Jones parody by Craig Brown (hard to read, I expect - but you'll get the drift):
In case you missed it, Inspector Mark Evans of Sussex Police recently posted this photograph of a special "gay pride" police car:
Ah, sweet! I was reminded of it by a timely article in The Sun by the excellent Brendan O'Neill (which you can read here):
Let's hope the police immediately cease looking for the perpetrators of a spate of acid-throwing attacks in vibrant, multiculti London - not to mention a plethora of stabbings - in order to turn their attention to what really matters, i.e. hate crime:
Shameful! I'll leave you with two tweets that lightened my mood:
Anyway, I'm past caring this week: Roger Federer, the greatest sportsman of my lifetime, is going for an eighth Wimbledon win on Sunday, having dispatched Tomáš Berdych in three sets in a hard-fought semi-final this afternoon. I'm getting nervous already. If he wins (and, despite Federer being the odds-on favourite, Marin Čilić is no pushover, having a grand slam under his belt) I will be running around the house, screaming deliriously and frightening our new Spanish neighbours (who seem very nice - I hope they never read my comments about Nadal). And to think I was convinced Federer should have retired seven years ago when he had reached the grand old age of 28 - because it would be all downhill from then on. I am an idiot - but you already knew that.  

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  1. When I saw the photo [" Worst Lethal Weapon re-make ever"] I was reminded of the discard cupboard at Madame Tussauds.

    However, if they ever consider yet another re-make of
    "Week-end at Bernie's" Sir Clifford should definitely be considered for the title role.

    Sir Lenworth is getting on a bit? Blimey. King Lear at the Donmar anybody? You know it makes sense.