Saturday, 29 July 2017

Lock your doors! They're getting madder with each passing day...

"Heed full o' wee broken biscuits" was a phrase often employed by my Scottish mother and...

...Scottish granny.
...and, of course, the end of the human race. 
Ah, yes...that would explain it.
It would probably save time - as well as a lot of ridiculous posturing - if "we" (whoever "we" might be) offered an apology to every single human being who has ever existed in the whole of history. I've started the ball rolling by apologising to myself, and I'm delighted to report that I magnanimously accepted it.
How stunning and how horrible that J.K. Rowling, having told a malicious lie about Donald Trump - as video of the event proves - hasn't had the decency to apologise. 
Why not shut up, Abi? Just to prove that she might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, even at the Guardian:
Couldn't agree more. Rescuing those 338,226 British soldiers was utterly futile - as was fighting a war to defeat Germany and Japan. I mean, why can't we all just, like, you know, get along?
It's as if some people think Twitter works like Snapchat, and that whatever they've posted disappears after 10 seconds. Mind you, some of them seem to hold the same belief about everything they say or write:
Okay, Duncan Hotherstall, who was happy for a Tower Hamlets council enforcement officer to fine the father of a five year-old girl £150 because his daughter was selling home-made lemonade without a licence - you're a mean-spirited, left-wing, Big State monster. Happy?
Ah yes - running towards the danger.  And it's "you're".  Mind how you go, boys and gals.
No - and there really shouldn't be a future for this disgusting, polynonsensical bullshit on our state broadcaster's website. 

Just as an antidote to all of the above, here's one of the week's rare sensible observations:
I take the following to be a comment on Donald Trump's attempt to hold back the tide of Progressivism by banning transgenders from the US military:
As for this final item, I can't absolutely swear to its veracity:
Huge, if true.


  1. I don't think there is a need to expose Sarsour as a fool, since she does this herself with some regularity but this particular tweet is dishonest casuistry.

    I live in the Gulf, and have both a car loan and a credit card that are sharia compliant. I can promise you neither are free.

    Sharia financial products are constructed slightly differently to interest bearing financial products but from the point of view of the end customer they look no different. In fact the 'profit rate' on my Islamic credit card is suspiciously close to the interest rate on my other (non-sharia compliant) credit card.

    1. Fascinating! The phrase "interest free" as used by Sarsour is evidently as accurate as the word "free" when applied to the BBC or to any service supplied by the public sector.

      The need to highlight Sarsour's dishonesty stems from the mainstream liberal-left media's eagerness to hand out a free pass to anyone spouting her sort of propaganda. If the media was doing its job, we wouldn't need to do it for them. Anyway, it's fun!

  2. Giles Wright is , of course, correct. The Senior Partner of a major Accounting Firm described the Sharia financial methodology to me as " Smoke and Mirrors".