Friday, 30 June 2017

The BBC won't rest until we've all applied for gender reassignmnet surgery

I was making a cup of tea to take up to bed last night when I made the mistake of switching on the radio. BBC Radio Four. There was someone whose voice I vaguely recognised droning on about gender identity - or, specifically, his problems with gender identity during his teens. "Oh God, please shut up!" I groaned. As he evidently wasn't minded to, I switched the radio off and headed for bed, feeling vaguely depressed. I'm pretty sure the last time I switched the radio on in the early hours there was someone banging on about transgenderism. A quick check today on the BBC website revealed that the BBC's obsession with "gender fluidity" - which I wrote about last year and in 2015 - hasn't lessened in recent months: the great left-liberal propaganda juggernaut is actually picking up speed on this issue. Here are just a few transgender/gender fluidity/anti-cisnormative items from BBC programmes and news stories during the last three months:

Sweet Sixteen: A Transgender Story

India metro to give transgender staff housing after discrimination row

Transgender train workers: 'Don't pity us'

Transgender woman's selfies document transition

Our World: Transgender Family

Transgender actress slams new movie for portrayal of trans women

The Natives: This is Our America (Transgender teen Sky and his friends join thousands of other Native activists)

Texas backs transgender bathroom bill

Transgender choir heads showcase line-up

Caitlyn Jenner: 'Being transgender is very difficult'

The transgender tailor who died in Saudi custody

The transgender family where the father gave birth…"We named him Revolution."

Transgender teen: 'Never been so sure about anything'

The Health Show with Nana Akua: U.S. Cancer Treatment, Obesity and Transgender Trials.

Emma Britton: 17/05/2017: New homes, Bristol East constituency & a transgender police officer

Everyday Ethics: Welfare and Transgender: A welfare state for the 21st Century and coming out as transgender at age 90

'Air horn orchestra' protest for transgender rights

Transgender woman banned from pub's ladies' loo

Guyana's transgender activists fight archaic law

This World: Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?

Survivor: Transgender contestant Zeke Smith outed

Sunday Sequence: Welfare, Transgender and a Quaker's Utopia

The ad that's gone viral because it sticks up for transgender rights in India

'Anti-transgender' bus is met by protests in Boston

HSBC adds new transgender titles including M and Misc

...and on and on and on it goes. Where it stops, nobody knows. 

Turns out the voice I vaguely recognised on the radio belonged to Eddie Izzard. So, he was probably talking about transvestism, but his reminiscences were couched in broader, gender-fluidity terms. presumably because transvestism - the former comedian's perversion of choice - is so much yesterday's thing. Look for "transvestite" or "transvestism" on the BBC site, and the pickings are extremely slim. Been there, done that, bought the lipstick and the high heels and the little black number... mission accomplished. Poor old Eddie, stuck in a deeply untrendy minority: the caravan has moved on, leaving him behind, slathering on make-up and tights and shrieking "Look at me! I'm a victim too! Honestly!" 

Bad luck, mate - you've got to have your bits off, or, at least, be considering gender reassignment surgery, to make it onto the BBC's radar these days. You were only on Book at Bedtime because you used to be funny, you've run a lot of marathons for cherridee, and you hate the Tories. 

A headline in The Independent last July read: "Number of British people seeking to change their gender soars." Well, yes - with the humongous quantity of propaganda being pumped out by our state broadcaster, much of it directed at children and adolescents, it would, wouldn't it? 


  1. As you are obviously well versed in this subject could you clear up the following. If a male is deprived of his member permanently [say, Jake Barnes in "The Sun Also Rises" who was awarded a medical DSO] or temporarily [say, John Wayne Bobbitt whose name evokes the number "9" which is either the length of the operation to re-attach or something else. He ended up making classic porn films like "Bobbitt Uncut" and "Frankenpenis"] can he call himself " a transgender male"? I must look more closely into this interesting modern pre-occupation.

    1. Not forgetting Tristram Shandy, who suffers an unspecified injury to his membrum viriile at the age of five when a sash window inadvertently crashes down as he's peeing out of it. There's a lack of clarity as to whether the accident results in circumcision...or worse.

      I recommend not looking "more closely into this interesting modern pre-occupation." At least, not on the internet - and, if you do, definitely avoid the Google "Images" button!

  2. It might be worth noting the opinion of an academic who knows about this subject :