Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Labour candidate Roger Godsiff is refreshingly aware of his limitations...

Oh go on, Rog - don't be so hard on yourself! And I wish critics would stop being so mean about Jeremy Corbyn. After all, he's been so right about so many things...

And. for all his supposed faults, he's evidently a thoroughly decent chap, with impeccable taste when it comes to choosing "friends":
And when it comes to choosing who to have on his team, he rarely puts a foot wrong:

Thank goodness the electorate is sophisticated enough to see through all the lies the Tory press and the BBC have been spreading about Jeremy and his party:
After all, without Labour, who's going to drag down-trodden women like this one out from under the brutal jack-heels of the Tory patriarchy? 
And who else but Labour will stop members of the LGBT community from living in fear of heteronormative conservatives?
And who else but Labour would seriously propose handing one of the great offices of state to a numerically illiterate, severely mentally subnormal woman?
And as for those Tory claims to be the real party of the working class, well this bag-lady certainly has their number:

And the working class isn't buying it either:
So, if a Labour canvasser knocks on your door asking for your support on 8th June, please respond appropriately:

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