Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Dear Islamic Terrorists...

...I'm sorry you're such pathetically inadequate human beings, that your lives are so bereft of joy, purpose, compassion, love, affection, creativity or imagination - anything, in fact, that ultimately makes life worth living - that the only way you can invest your sordid, miserable existences with any meaning, apparently, is by murdering a beautiful little girl like Saffie Rouffos. You are a motley collection of little Ian Bradys and Myra Hindleys...

... - repellent, low-grade demons slaking your hatred of humanity with the tears, pain, misery, horror and disgust your unspeakable actions inspire in real human beings.

Dear Multiculturalists... you were told, again and again, over many decades, that wholesale immigration without assimilation would result in disaster. But, because you don't much like your country or its people, you kept on supporting it. Thank you. Mission accomplished.

Dear Left-Wing Commentators... no, honestly, what happened last night really isn't the fault of your right-wing equivalents. I know you feel angry and confused and want to blame everyone but your own kind for creating the climate in which terror flourishes, but blaming Katie Hopkins and Paul Joseph Watson and their ilk for pointing out that Islamic terrorist atrocities will continue unless we change course is all a bit motes and beams, isn't it? As for all those mealy-mouthed left-wing appeasers busily telling us that we mustn't do anything to lessen the likelihood of further islamic slaughter in these islands because "that's what the terrorists want" - just shut up. You don't have a fucking clue what they want, because all they want is to create as much pain, misery, horror etc. as possible. That's it - that's their whole manifesto and list of demands. Oh sure, they might prate about how the West is killing their Muslim brothers and sisters and how wiping Israel off the map would ease their pain - but those are just ready-made excuses. That's why the idea of negotiating with jihadis is farcical - the terror isn't a means to an end: terror is an end in itself.

Dear "They Will Not Divide Us" Merchants... Please - just give it a rest, all you clergymen and journalists and politicians. What you're really saying is that you don't want to be held to account for endlessly promoting and pursuing policies which the vast majority of your us never wanted, which you are still pursuing, and which have now left us vulnerable to attacks by home-grown death cultists. And please leave off warning us not to give way to anger: I'll be as angry as I want to be, thank you. Saffie Rouffos was eight years old - EIGHT. YEARS. OLD. And you're whining on about the danger of retaliatory "hate" crimes??? You seem to see the British public as some barely-controllable, slavering beast ready to run amok in the streets, randomly attacking Asians and burning down mosques, which, of course, will lead to even more young Muslims becoming "radicalised". First, you don't seem to know your own people very well (no change there), and, second, stop using the word "radicalised" - it's another cruddy excuse for inadequate tossers to behave like animals. 

Dear News Media... Please don't publicise tweets and comments from "celebrities" in the wake of terrorist attacks. It feels horribly cheap, somehow. An exception should probably be made for notable people who have some meaningful connection to the site of the atrocity. One bit of coverage that hit home, though, was this ITV interview with a homeless man who helped some of the victims of last night's attack:

Dear Everyone... Trump's right. They're evil, pathetic losers, unable to cope with the demands that modern life makes on them. They're scared of everything - except death, of course: and that's where the real problem lies. 

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