Tuesday, 20 December 2016

All undergraduates should be force-fed Thomas Sowell quotes until they see sense

I was in a mood of mild despair the other day after reading that stoodents at the University of Pennsylvania had removed a portrait of William Shakespeare and replaced it with the image of a black lesbian poet...

...It wasn't so much the idiocy of the students that upset me - students have always been silly. It was more the approbatory response of Jed Esty, the chairman of the English department, which caused my spirits to sink:
“Students removed the Shakespeare portrait and delivered it to my office as a way of affirming their commitment to a more inclusive mission for the English department.”
Yeah sure, Jed. The ludocrous virtue-signalling of the cretinous SJW snowflakes and the limp-wristed blether about inclusivity brought to mind these four pithy Thomas Stowell  quotes:
If you're looking for political pith, Sowell's your man. You could say that the 86-year old senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stamford University, is America's leading right-wing pith-artist (but of course, you wouldn't). Given that academia in America and here is now almost entirely controlled by pantywaist cultural Marxists who no longer see it as their role to teach their students to think. it would be a great service to humanity if every undergraduate were to be handed a collection of key Sowell quotes with instructions stick on their bedroom walls with Blu-Tack, then explain what Blu-Tack is, and where to buy it, and how money works and where it comes from and... hell, just stick the cards on their walls before they turn up. In addition, a recording of Sowell's gentle, sleepy voice intoning these nuggets of wisdom could be piped into their rooms as they slumber (4am to midday, usually).  Here are the other quotations that should be dunned into their heads as an antidote to the nonsense they'll be hearing from their lecturers and fellow-students:
Finally, in the light of yesterday's events in Berlin:
And if the little bastards complain that they don't like what that nasty man is saying, accuse them of being racists. That should do the trick. 


  1. The devil does sometimes have the best tunes...and quotes. During a conversation in 1935 between Laval and Stalin about the power and influence of the Catholic Church Stalin was asked whether reconciliation could not be sought between the USSR and the Pope by concluding a pact with the Vatican.

    Stalin said: " A pact? A pact with the Pope? No, that won't happen! We conclude pacts only with those who have armies and the Roman Pope, as far as I know, does not have an army." [The Maisky Diaries].

    I bet a certain KGB Colonel is familiar with this quote and Thomas Sowell eloquently underlines the accuracy of the sentiment in the final quote of your very interesting list. Bravo from me too!

    1. I see that Donald Trump has expressed his intention of reviving the nuclear arms race with Russia. Not sure whether this is a sign that he wants to use force to defend civilisation - or if he's just waving his willy at Putin. Should be an interesting summit, whenever it takes place. I hope they end up arm-wrestling rather than staging a Roddy McDowall-Frank Sinatra "stand-off".