Saturday, 5 December 2015

America's utterly useless president and his leftist fans really are deeply weird

Second-funniest Obama tweet of the week:

Funniest Obama-related tweet of the week:

And, of course, there were others who weren't hugely impressed by Obama's strangely affectless, emotionless response to recent terrorist outrages (obviously, the Prez would have reacted with more passion if a single black thug had been justifiably gunned down by a cop - that really upsets him: that, and climate change) :

Then there was the reaction to the decision by the achingly liberal New York Times to divert attention from the true cause of the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11 (i.e. Islamic fundamentalism) by placing an editorial promoting gun control on its front page - making the attack sound like just another instance of some disgruntled employee going postal:

Commentator Erick Erickson's understandable response to the NYT's act of wilful blindness was this:

The difference in the response by American leftists to the acts of Islamic terrorism in Paris and San Bernardino was truly bizarre:

It's hard not to conclude that they despise their own country. A similar thought struck me when the US Attorney General's first concern following the slaughter of 14 American citizens by two Muslims was - yes - the threat posed to MUSLIMS!

Why is the Obama administration - and so many American liberals - so absolutely convinced that the real threat is forever and always white, Christian Americans? And why, when an increase in gun sales in the US has led to a drop in the number of victims of gun violence, and given the fact that California has implemented the tougher gun laws that Obama wants to impose on the rest of America, do leftists assume that making it harder for ordinary citizens to get hold of guns will (a) lead to a decrease in gun deaths, and (b) reduce the number of guns in the hands of nutjobs or domestic terrorists? As Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz put it:

True dat. (Unless you're a left-winger, of course.) 

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