Sunday, 22 November 2015

Just in case you missed it - the poignant story of Phuc Dat Bich and his Facebook ban

This from last Friday's Independent:
A Vietnamese-Australia man has taken the unusual step of posting a picture of his passport on social media after being repeatedly blocked by Facebook. 
The unfortunately named Phuc Dat Bich - whose name is actually pronounced Phoo Da Bic - posted the image after the tech giant banned him several times.
(Full story here)


  1. I am a former foreign minister of the Korean Republic [1982/83]*. I deplore the tendency of this blog to poke fun at foreign names when viewed from an English language perspective [see your post about the Turkish gentleman "Mustapha Kunt"]. As Walter Annenberg once so rightly said : "Every man is entitled to be proud of his nomenclature."
    * Assassinated at Rangoon in 1983 attending a memorial service for the father of Ang Sang etc.

  2. Whereas you, Lee (or is your first name Suk?) are (were) a real person, it turns out that Phuc Dat Bich is a hoax - and a very good one.

    Sue McGregor once had to interview the Papua New Guinean chief of staff on the phone on the Today Programme. His name was "Jack" Tuat (pronounced twat) and she completely lost it after ending the call with "Thank you for speaking to us, General Twat". Well, you would, wouldn't you.