Monday, 14 September 2015

Disagree with lefty BBC presenters over the refugee crisis and get treated with contempt by the people whose salaries you pay

Even by the normal standards of self-important, self-satisfied, arrogant, insensitive, insufferable left-wing pillockry, Stephen Nolan is a doozy. The callers whom he, by turns, patronised, snarled at, emotionally blackmailed, insulted and then haughtily dismissed, are (1) BBC LICENCE-FEE PAYERS and (2) REPRESENT THE MAJORITY OF BRITISH PUBLIC OPINION.

Why hasn't be been suspended - or, preferably, sacked - for his outrageously intemperate treatment of callers who were making extremely sensible points, which he chose not to address (because, presumably, they're unanswerable)? Does being a BBC radio phone-in host mean never having to say you're sorry? Why hasn't he been sent on a course on how to treat the public who pay his no-doubt enormous salary with at least a modicum of respect? In addition, courses on anger management and basic logic might help (though, given he sounds like a humungously obnoxious, self-righteous, posturing ninny, he's probably beyond help).

I expect the Labour Party will soon be looking for a new set of press officers: I sense that Nolan, with his hysterical, nonsensical, illogical, emotion-driven approach to the major issues of the day, would fit in really well with Labour's new leadership. He certainly looks sufficiently thuggish to fit the bill. 

I have regularly encountered the terms "cockwomble" and "jizzturtle" on social media in recent weeks. I have no idea what they mean, but I suspect they would fit Stephen "Nasty Haemophiliac Lefty" Nolan to a T. 

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